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NAVIGATION offers top quality products and services at affordable prices where you will enjoy a wide range of features as explained below.

  • Software and hardware to send SMS

    We have three types of SMS marketing platforms. The first is our web based platform where you are able to signup instantly and reload credits in order to start your mobile marketing campaign. The second one is our SMS Blaster Software where you have to install to your desktop and this software comes with a 8 ports sim card hardware. Invest only once and blast off with unlimited SMS(Digi, Maxis or Celcom sim card). The third one is our cutting edge technoiogy SMS Blaster Machine where you will be able to blast to any mobile phones within 2 KM range without sim card or mobile phone database. This device is best used for government or high level agencies to broadcast or disseminate important messages to all users within an area. Please contact us for a demonstration on our SMS Blaster Software and SMS Blaster Hardware.

  • 1 Way SMS(Longcode)

    1 Way Longcode is 1 way SMS gateway. Recipients will not be able to reply to your message.

  • 2 Way SMS(Longcode)

    Communicate with your recipients with our 2 Way Longcode. Check your recipients’ reply in your web control panel. A dedicated random number will be used for each campaign.

  • Bulk SMS Shortcode

    Shortcode is the 5 digit sender ID you frequently receive from banks and any other institutions. Shortcode gateway is the most stable gateway because we have direct connections to telco servers. Use our SMS Shortcode gateway for better response from your customer base. It works by creating a keyword in your control panel and then send or display the keyword to your customers. They can initiate any communication with you by sending a standard message format. Eg. Send <KEYWORD> message text to 63660

  • International Coverage

    We are global! You can now reach millions of mobile subscribers around Malaysia and extend your coverage to other countries of the Asian region and around the world.

  • Characters in SMS

    You can enjoy up to 155 characters in each SMS and this can be sent to all mobile networks around the country and across the world.

  • Sub Accounts and Reseller Account

    Using our system, you can create sub-accounts for your employees and departments concerned. You may even start your own SMS or Whatsapp marketing business and earn recurring income. Contact us now and we will guide you on how to earn passive income. Start now and enjoy later!

  • Auto Responder

    An Automatic Responder can be used to reply to your customers immediately.

  • Unicode Support

    Our system supports all current standards of Unicode SMS where you can send 7 bit and 8 bit SMS that include Chinese, Arabic characters.

  • Full Report & Delivery Status

    After sending an SMS you will be informed of the status of delivery. Our system can tell you if the SMS is Delivered, Undelivered, Pending, Failed or Sent.
    All the SMSes sent and received will be logged in our system so that you can refer to them in the future if needed.

  • Scheduling

    You can now schedule a specific SMS to be sent out at a pre-determined time and date, either with or without campaign.

  • Reminder SMS

    Our system allows you to set reminder SMS like birthdays and other important dates to your customers.

  • Personalization

    You can send SMS that are personalized that include your name and contact information for better communication and customer relationship management.

  • Group Messaging

    You can choose to send your SMS to groups of any size depending on criteria like age, gender and others. Database of Malaysian mobile phones are available upon request from us.

  • Customized address book

    Through our proprietary system, you are provided with an address book where you can customize the groups according to your business needs. The address books allow you to insert unlimited entries and categorized accordingly. You can blast your sms campaign to your own address book, anytime and anywhere.

  • API for websites and other applications

    We have a very robust set of API codes where you can integrate your system or application into our messaging system for verification or notification.


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