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Here is where you take a look at the history of hermit world or Gonryun Continent, these pages are prepared for you who are anxious to know more about the world of the [Gates to Heavens]. [Gates to Heavens] has its background on hermit world. The story is unfolded on this world, eventually called Gonryun Continent, where it is considered to be legendary. Knowing a link between life and death, prosperity and destruction in hermit world of utopia, would let you enjoy [Gate to Heavens] mobile platform even more.

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1 – The World of the [Gate to Heavens]
2 – Constitution of the World of the [Gate to Heavens]
3 – History of the World of Hermits
– Plan of Sealing Fallen Hermits – Ancient Period 2nd Stage
– The Great Clash of Hermit World – Ancient Period 3rd Stage
– Great Long March of Gawamun – New Generation 1st Stage

– Present of Gonryun – New Generation 3rd Stage –
Age of Darkness

4 – Faction of Hermits – Hermit clans
– Novel district
– Elemental dstrict

Introduction to the GTH Mobile Game


“GTH Online” with the story about the hermits who are Oriental mystics.

Naturally it has its roots on Oriental view to the world; however as the subject matter of the future and time trip of the hermits is added. It jumps over the limited dimension of the subject matter.

The first story of this game is about the first war of the hermits against the monsters in totally distinct space after their world is separated from the human world.

We wish that you will be our young hero hermit who will bring back the peace to the hermit world in this situation of endless war against the monster.

The world of the game “Gate to Heavens” originated from the questions such as “What if the hermit world is like the human world where there occurs endless changes and improvements?
Among all, what kind of world would it be like where it was praised to be the Oriental Utopia?”
If the hermit world is like the human world where there occur changes and improvements, their future world which would be more developed than the world we live in is not likely be the world of hermits who live within and enjoy the nature.

Under such assumptions, Gate to Heavens depicts the Legend of Sealing Fallen Hermits, one of the four rare books of China, which is called to be SF Fantasy War of the hermits, as its background, in order to illustrate the future of the world of the hermits with infinite imagination

World of Heavens always has been the area for absolute gods, and has mostly been described as imperative and unconditional space. Gate to Heavens escapes from such area of absolute gods and humans, and follows the world of hermits who tries to approach the territories of the gods.
The features of the future world of the hermits, which are created based on the application of the concept of time, existence of change and improvement, are the areas

Intermediate Guide to GTH online RPG Game

Skill NPC classified by hermit types
– Occult Knight: [Teacher] Hawoon / Windy Explorer: [Adventurous Hermit] Chii / Vital Spiritor [Teacher] / Water Spiritor [Teacher] Mirion

GTH game guide
Click on [Learning Skill] on each undertaking skill NPC


guide gth rpg gameWhen you want to upgrade learned skills, click on [Train mental skill] on each undertaking skill NPC.

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