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At SMS.com.my, our business is in SMS (Short Messaging Services). We are Malaysian and we have been in this industry for more than a decade, providing cutting edge solutions and new marketing methods to our business partners and clients.

SMS.com.my was established in 2000 at the height of the mobile communication industry and at a time when SMS was beginning to grow into a standard way of life. We saw the potential of this technology not only as a communication tool between consumers but between businesses and their target markets.

Riding on the popularity and the rapid uptake of this technology, we envisioned that SMS had the potential to grow with the ability to bridge businesses with their customers. Since then, we have grown by leaps and bounds with our presence now in many countries around the Asia-Pacific region that covers Singapore, China and Australia.

We build our own Mobile Marketing Software(SMS and Whatsapp API)

We have developed our own systems to better serve our customers where we offer a complete Bulk SMS & Whatsapp API solution that can be used in business of all levels. Our system is suitable and customizable to offer control for our customers in private and public sectors of all sizes be it a self-run business or a corporate Multinational Company.

All our systems are specifically designed and catered for any business industry which can be controlled using a standard web browser making them extremely compatible with today’s computer system. Through this facility, our partners can now keep their customers in the loop and constantly updated on events, product launches and such. The gap between business and customer is now bridged with SMS.com.my’s solution.

Company Mission

At SMS.com.my, our main mission is to be the exclusive and most effective provider of service that can keep our partners and clients close to their customers using modern communication technology. We are committed to play our role in your organization that facilitates in communication of information.

Our philosophy is to ensure that our partners enjoy our services because they are very economical, practical and user-friendly. Most importantly, our services offer you value which can grow your business into new areas, new ventures and higher revenue.

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