Managing your Events better with Whatsapp & SMS

Whatsapp event management


Have you been trying to get more attendees for your product launch or any event? Have you been using the traditional ways like brochures and radio but still the turnout has been poorer than expected? Perhaps you should try using Whatsapp API notification system which will surely change your perception and method of organizing events for your brand or company.

More Efficient Management of Events

With our Whatsapp API System, your events will now experience a whole new level of attendance. You can now manage your delegates better and keep them well informed with Whatsapp reminders which can be automatically set and managed from our platform.

Whether it is a meeting, a conference, an exhibition or a seminar, our Whatsapp API System gives you the control and management feature to ensure that your attendees are kept in the loop of the latest updates. They will receive Whatsapp from you from a mouse click!.

Benefits of using Whatsapp API System reminders

You no longer need to spend hours (and money) trying to reach and connect with your event delegates. Now, it is possible to ensure and encourage more attendees to your event. Using our Whatsapp reminder, you can:

  • Target the audience – Select only those who are expected to attend your event.
  • Keep them informed – Dates, time, location and any other vital information can be Whatsapp to them in real-time.
  • Updates and Changes – Should there be any changes or if there are any updates, the Whatsapp reminder can be called into action.
  • Gain better connection – When you send reminders to your attendees, they will appreciate you better because they can avoid being late or forgetting about the event. This builds connection and engagement which will lead to customer loyalty to your brand.

All you need is a standard web browser or an email program like Microsoft Outlook and you are all set to start using our platform. Setting up is very easy and totally free of charge. You will only need to pay for the Whatsapp you intend to send. This is absolutely cost-effective since you only pay what you use (through pre-pay credits or monthly fees).


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