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MobileBlasterHub has been in this business for more than 5 years. They started with SMS machine and they are now in Whatsapp integration techonolgy.

There are more than 1500 customers using this platform. Delivery for this platform is 100% and media with caption is only charged with a single credit. They have the subscription model where you are able to integrate your subscribers to their online system and broadcast from many locations.

A very well trusted company compared to many competitors.
Price: Around RM0.09 per credit and subscription system is very affordable as well

Wapp Blaster

The Wapp Blaster is an AI-driven platform which is among the most widely used. It allows you to connect with potential customers easily and very efficiently, recommended for its intuitive and user-friendly interface.

What makes the Wapp Blaster such a great tool for businesses is that you can switch accounts during a running campaign. It runs efficiently on top of the latest WhatsApp API which means you get seamless integration with your other platforms.

With its bulk messaging capabilities, you can easily and very efficiently send out thousands of messages within minutes.

Main features stated at their website:

Account Switching in Running CampaignWA Groups Contacts Extractor Module
Compatible With Latest WA APIAnti Block Functionality With Multi Text
Enhanced Anti Blocking AlgorithmGroup Extractor By Category From Web
Sending Customized MessageSmooth way of sending messages
Dynamic Messages CreationGroups Verifier Module
Custom Variable FunctionalityNumbers Filter Module
Multi Language FunctionalitySleep Control Feature
Multiple Account SupportedSpeed Control Feature
Delay Control FeatureAuto Group Posting
Spin Text ModuleAuto Group join

Price: stated free, which we are quite sceptical


This WhatsApp marketing software provides you with a unique platform that offers multi-lingual support besides all the benefits of WhatsApp. Besides this main feature, Agnitas provides you with reporting functions to help you track your marketing campaign better.

It also comes with contact management while providing you fully-automated functions so that you need not have to physically attend to all the queries that come in. On top of that, you get WhatsApp alerts as well as a customizable Sender ID.

This Bulk WhatsApp messaging is ideal if you run digital marketing campaigns where you can carry out features such as scheduling and modifying.
Price: Available by request.


A value-for-money solution that allows you to broadcast WhatsApp messages to a large pool of customers with rich media. This web-based platform allows you to manage your WhatsApp related initiatives more efficiently.

Once it is integrated, the Allwebmart can reach out to your users in both Android and iOS platforms where you can then easily access the system through its user-friendly interface. This is where you can then manage your contacts, schedule messages and others.

The Allwebmart provides you with an ideal marketing platform as it is easy to manage that comes with multi-lingual support too.
Price: Available by request.

WebXion Bulk SMS

This platform follows the success of Bulk SMS that adopts the WhatsApp platform. Now you can send information-rich messages about your business to a wide target audience within a short period of time.

WebXion Bulk SMS provides you with multi-lingual support while you can schedule your messages according to your campaign’s needs. It is designed with a user-friendly web-based portal that makes it easy to manage your account.

Through its contact management feature, you can import your address book seamlessly. This platform is convenient as it comes with a credit-based plan.
Price: Available by request.

Viking Whatsapp Tools

The Viking Whatsapp Tools is your ideal platform if your business sends out attachments like Word or Excel files. You can also send contact cards too. The Viking WhatsApp Tool is a cloud-based platform that makes it easy to access and manage.

Through its bulk messaging feature, you can now send out between 1,000 and 20,000 messages every hour. This can be done very easily through its intuitive interface where you can attach most types of files and media.

You will be provided with a free consultation to examine how Viking WhatsApp Tool can help your business.
Price: RM350++ per year.

WhatsApp Myntra

This is a low-end WhatsApp broadcasting platform that lets you send out information, business cards, promotions and other resources with their manual tool. WhatsApp Myntra is not a trustable platform and received many complaints from users worldwide.

The system is not easy to use especially for your digital marketing and initiatives. It does not come with 24/7 support to help you maximize the functions of your WhatsApp account. Besides that, it does not support multiple IDs, making this a highly ineffective investment.

You will not be able to set up a credible business profile on WhatsApp with Whatsap Myntra, your queries will be left unattended.
Price: RM1,200 for a lifetime license.


SalesPanda is a multi-dimensional level platform that allows you to engage with your customers via its multi-format and intuitive interface. You can now integrate your digital marketing campaign with effective tools in SalesPanda.

This means that you can start posting and sending out updates and other information via WhatsApp easily. What you get in return is a higher rate of engagement from other platforms. You can also automate your content marketing seamlessly.

Price: RM60++ per month.

WABlaster or WABlasterPro

This software originated from Indonesia and is amongst the most popular Whatsapp tools available in Asia. The software interface is quite intuitive. Sending depends on your IP address as well. Updated every few months.


You can choose between using DND or non-DND mode to help you with bulk sender support. It is the perfect sales lead generator that comes with its own client respond management system. Megma does not charge ‘per message’ which makes it very cost-effective.

With Megma, you get very strong multi-media file support with a high delivery success rate. You can manage your account better and easier through its user-friendly interface where you can efficiently manage your contacts and messages.
Price: One-time payment at around RM500++.

Webnest Infotech

The Webnest platform comes with multi-lingual support which means you can reach potential customers from around the world. Providing you with a bulk WhatsApp messaging platform, you can reach out to thousands of customers at any time.

Webnest provides you with a platform where you can manage your contact easily. This can be done through the uploading of a .csv file which makes it seamless and quick. The web panel is designed to accept and process all common file types.

Besides that, you get a customizable Sender ID for better credibility too.
Price: About RM1,500++ one-time.

WAAM-it Sender

This is an ideal tool for you if you want a value-for-money WhatsApp marketing platform. It lets you send customized messages in bulk to your recipients and can be accessed using up to 60 different languages.

What makes the WAAM-it Sender such a powerful tool is that you have a platform which is easy to use and very functional. It is designed to give you all the features you need in sending out bulk messages via WhatsApp.

Besides that, you can use .xls, .txt and .csv lists to send out messages to and also comes with delay settings.
Price: From about RM1,500 one-time for the basic package.


This WhatsApp Marketing software allows you to send rich-media like Audio, Video, or vCard. You can engage your customers through its multi-dimensional feature that gives you more options through this marketing solution.

This tool offers you a complete and comprehensive solution to help you manage your communications better through WhatsApp. From the get-go, you will be provided with ample training and consultation on your needs.

It is one of the most competitively-priced solutions you can find where you can customize your messages and people you can send to. There’s no credit limit and you get unlimited messages too.
Price: Starts from RM850++ per year.


This platform is connected to more than 220 operators around the world. It gives you a cost-effective option where you can use it along with SMS simultaneously. It comes with voice calls and other features that make it a really effective tool.

With MessageBird, you can create your brand profile easily and start connecting with your customers very quickly. This allows you to send out more personalized messages that can draw more positive experiences from your customers.

From there, you can integrate WhatsApp into your current platforms, allowing you to generate more leads and converting them along the way.
Price: Free for the startup package and about RM200++ per month for the Pro version.

Bulk WhatsApp Messenger or Sender

The Bulk WhatsApp messenger allows you to reach unlimited numbers through WhatsApp. And you do not need to save them in your phonebook. In fact, you can use a .txt file or .csv file to import your contacts very easily.

This means that you can easily and very efficiently manage your contacts via this platform that comes with a user-friendly front-end. You can thus send out media-rich messages to your customers and users worldwide that comes with lifetime validity.

Depending on which package you take, you are able to use multiple accounts with unlimited messaging support.
Price: About RM100++ per month for a 1-PC account.

Rap Booster

This is one of the most popular mobile messaging tools around. It has over 800 million users across the world where you can provide bulk WhatsApp services and connect with your users. You can send out automated replies to newly-initiated messages with Rap Booster.

For your marketing campaigns, you can schedule messages as per your timeline as well as for your replies and inquiries when they come in. Rap Booster makes it easy for you to import your current numbers while you can save certain messages too.

Features include number filtering and you can use their keyword-based autoreply function.
Price: Around RM100++


Whappext is a comprehensive WhatsApp marketing tool where you can send out messages to millions of potential customers. You can send messages with video, text or attachments and you don’t even need to store their contact in your device!

With Whatppext, you can import your current contact information with a click of a button, making it easy and fast. You can now manage your digital campaigns more efficiently through its intuitive user interface.

You only need to install the software once and you can start managing and sending out bulk WhatsApp messages.
Price: About RM500++ per license.


You can use this multi-channel integrated communication service which is being used by more than 3,000 enterprises globally. This platform makes it easy for you to manage the digital campaign that helps you to integrate with your current CRM software.

Import contacts efficiently and manage them in groups. The user interface has a familiar outlook, making it very approachable and accessible. The Kaleyra supports multiple languages and is customizable as well.

This platform is ideal to be used by SMEs and entrepreneurs and more so if you are involved in digital marketing.
Price: Available by request.

Hans Finest

With Hans Finest, your business is set to expand further using WhatsApp. This platform provides you with a number generator and a multi-channel option. It also offers a group auto-poster function ad you can send unlimited messages.

You get a list of features that include support for multimedia file types and easy bulk messaging. You can easily generate messages and schedule them while checking out the performance through its reporting function.

Hans Finest is a cloud-based platform which means you can get service as and when you need them.
Price: Availably by request.

Bulk SMS India

What you get with Bulk SMS India is an enterprise-ready SMS solution where you can reach your customers and potential users with. It helps with expanding your business and corporate communications.

What you get through Bulk SMS India is a bulk and transaction messaging platform with WhatsApp. This allows you to manage your campaign better and more effectively thereby connecting with your customers throughout the day.

Q Sender

Q Sender allows automated replies that let you attend to your customers’ queries 24/7. You can send personalized texts to thousands of recipients within minutes. It is fast to set up and is among the most comprehensive in terms of features and integration with current software.

With Q Sender, you can now send bulk messages through WhatsApp with ease. It comes with an intuitive interface that is easy to use and highly efficient. This makes it easy for you to reach your target segment and connect with them while sending out rich-media messages.
Price: RM800++ per year.


Whaso provides your business with a tool that integrates with WhatsApp. They stated that they have more than 25,000 users globally. It comes with its own Anti-Blocking technology which is ideal to increase customer engagement, especially among SMEs.

It is a multi-platform application that can be used on Windows, Apple and others. This is an ideal platform to use if you are looking for one that can seamlessly incorporate into your current CRM or other sales-oriented software.

It is perfect for location-based and digital marketing especially when you have CTA functions involved.

One account to send 10000 daily, too goo to be true!

Price: Around RM200++ one-time payment. Stated 90% discount. Would you believe them?


You can choose either to use your own number or through the platform to send out messages. It is very secure that provides real-time communication with your users. Your business will grow better and faster through a tool like this from Digiton.

Integrated with WhatsApp, you can create and manage your campaigns more efficiently. It comes with bulk WhatsApp messaging functions while you can send out personalized and customized messages too.

Manage your contacts easily and generate reports according to your campaign’s requirements.
Price: Available by request.

NowFloats Boost360

This is a suite of apps that assist you in building your business through the digital platform. You can manage your business profile, events, provide business information and product catalog. You can easily set this up in no more than 10 minutes.

With NowFloats Boost360, you get a comprehensive and complete system that allows you to connect with your customers while ensuring that leads be followed-up accordingly. This means that you can now provide faster response time in attending to the queries and questions.
Price: Available by request.

Livechat with us to acquire any of the software above. We can provide them with trial, we can save you a lot of money. Save yourself from headaches using them as well. Whatsapp change rules and algorithm everyday and they will not work once the algorithm is changed.

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