Discounts available for purchase of 5000 credits and above. Please discuss with us using the Livechat form below.

Procedure for first time user or Reload:

  • 1. Decide on the volume and bank in to our account as below:
    Intersectant Solutions(Public Bank) 3127346708
  • 2. Proceed to our Registration page
  • 3. Sms your username to 012 2266 260 with payment amount and time of payment
  • 4. Account will be reloaded within half an hour and you are all good to start your campaign!

Mobile App

Subscription Based
$ RM0 Per credit
  • Personalised Mobile Number
  • Coverage - International
  • Unlimited Keywords Subscription
  • 24/7 Operational Hours
  • Suitable for any business with high traffic users, educational institutions, reputable brands, offline or online(high traffic websites, restaurants, convenience store, clubs, train station, billboards, etc.
High Demand

Mobile App

with media
RM 0.10 Per credit
  • One Way Marketing
  • Coverage - International
  • Random Mobile Number, Local Sender id
  • 24/7 Operational Hours
  • Suitable for property developers, government agencies, insurance agencies, etc. Applications: Contests, reminder, public alert, etc.​

Enterprise Gateway

SMS Shortcode
$ RM0.09 Per credit
  • Shortcode Gateway (1 Way), Telco Server
  • Coverage - International
  • Shortcode Sender id(eg. 63666)
  • Less filtration.
  • 24/7 Operational Hours
  • Suitable for financial institutions or banks, managements, government agencies, critical applications, insurance agencies, reputable brands, educational institutions, etc. Applications: Contests, verification tags, reminder, public alert, etc.

Whatsapp Marketing Procedure

  1. Initiate a Whatsapp message to 6012-2266260.
  2. Decide on the package and prepare your own database contacts or enquire about mobile phone database profiling service from us(note: we do not save clients’ database). 
  3. Prepare for your contents(image and text) to be delivered to your Whatsapp users. We will send you your login upon payment confirmation
  4. You will be able to view your campaign and  download reports as desired. Be rest assured that our system send 100% to all Whatsapp users, not a single drop.

SMS Marketing Software & Hardware Reseller

  1. SMS Desktop GSM Modem and GSM Mobile Blaster Machine

    Add our sales and marketing numbers (012-6725888 or 012-2266260) and initiate any questions you have. We have GSM Modem and original GSM Mobile Blaster for sale.

All in One Reseller Panel

  1. Reseller for all Our Services, including social media automation

    Only RM450 to have a white label mobile marketing business! No yearly fee, no minimum reload and you get all our prices at reseller rates. Please SMS or whatsapp to 012-2266260 for current Reseller Business promotion.

    You may resell other services like Whatsapp Marketing  and our MobileBlaster, Malaysian Database Marketing and Profiling and other outdoor advertising services.

    Join our team of marketing experts now, we are friendly, let’s be a team and work together rather than competing each other.