SMS message size

sms message size


We offer many types of services and facilities when it comes to using SMS for marketing. If you engage us as your partner in your SMS campaign, you can be assured of the best technological platform and services from us, who specializes in SMS marketing campaigns for many years.

Our charges are very affordable and competitive in the current market. Depending on the type of encoding, the length of an SMS will vary. There are in general 2 types of SMS message sizes and it is important that you are aware as we charge 1 credit per SMS.

Most SMS message sizes are at 155 characters and this is most common among SMSes written in English Language or any Latin languages which include Bahasa Malaysia.

Multilingual SMS and Whatsapp Content supported

The more specialized characters will involve Cyrillic alphabets and character-based languages like Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Arabic. For this type of SMSes, 70 characters are considered as 1 credit.

When working with us, you are free to compose your own SMSes for your own campaigns. We provide a real-time system that will calculate the number of characters when composing your SMS. You are free to use either type of characters and if the SMS exceeds the maximum characters for 1 credit, an additional credit will be deducted.

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