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Send unlimited SMS without Sim card or any phone database

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Our MobileBlaster is location-specific. It can be used in various situations and industries. Among those that would benefit greatly are:

Events – MobileBlaster is perfect if you are an event organizer. Since this service is location-centric, you can now blast a message to everyone around the same area. Whether it is a roadshow or an exhibition, those in the same area will receive your invitation while you can even invite them to your booth in the show.

Shopping Centres – Use the MobileBlaster to reach visitors to a shopping centre. Tenants and retail outlets can send out messages of special promotions, ad-hoc discount campaigns or to drive people to their outlets.

Brand owners – This location-based service is very useful for brand owners who would like to create more awareness within a certain region. Product launches, brand campaigns and other marketing efforts can ride on this platform to get to the target audience.

Depending on the density of the population of the area, all you need is less than 3 hours and you can reach between 6,000 and 50,000 recipients.

Product Demonstration

Should you require to learn more about our service, please contact us. Ask us away!

State-of-the-art High-tech Equipment

MobileBlaster is a state-of-the-art, high quality equipment which is able to send SMS messages to all mobile phones in a certain location. Features of our MobileBlaster include:

  • No Sim card is required as the equipment does not connect to a certain network
  • Able to blast messages between 1 and 2 kilometers radius
  • Messages will reach 90% mobile users
  • Does not consume a lot of power. Battery pack is able to operate up to 5 hours
  • You only need a web-based mobile phone to manage your campaign
  • Multi-language support provided
  • Sends up to 20,000 messages at any time depending on the location

Take note that this service can only be used for commercial and business purposes. It is not intended for sending any political propaganda, scams, illegal or unethical messages.

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