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Why use us?

We have been in this market for more than 20 years. Today, we are experts in Whatsapp Mobile App API marketing.

Whatsapp Satisfaction Guaranteed
Database Profiling at minimal cost ​

Whatsapp Mobile marketing for your business has now become more effective and very impactful. It’s even better if we can assist you with your database collection & profiling and scan for those records with mobile app application installed, without any additional fee!

100% Local Sender ID

We use only Local Numbers(60 for Malaysia, 20 for Egypt, 91 for India, 82 for Indonesia, 86 for China, etc) for your campaign. Local numbers are well trusted by your recipients.

No Setup fee, no hidden charges

No catch, you only pay once with no hidden charges.

Delivery report

No more guessing whether we have done the jobs as per request!

Best Price, Best result

We don’t just deliver, we optimise your whatsapp campaign by delivering what your customers want. Tired of too many restrictions and hefty cost in FB marketing? Don’t worry, no boundaries set here.

World-class Support

Real-time updates and support, we are available 24/7 in Skype and Whatsapp

Select your Target Market

We work with various parties to provide you the precise targeted market.


whatsapp marketing panel

Our propriety WhatsApp panel is the only panel you need to run your mobile marketing campaign. Why pay hundreds or thousands to bogus Whatsapp blasting software sellers who do not deliver 100% of your campaign? No more sim or channel issue with us. We provide long term business solution. Let our Marketing Hub handle all your tedious tasks so that you can concentrate on servicing your clients.

whatsapp marketing company
Beautiful Advertising Messages

When you use mobile app for your marketing campaign, you are almost certain that your target audience will read your message. Whatsapp and other apps have more captivating functions.

whatsapp advertising message

Whatsapp Marketing Strategies, No 1 in Malaysia

Whatsapp Contest

Give away prizes for senders who sent in messages or any creative content. Let them be creative, be it TikTok videos, memes, selfies, etc.

Bargain Alert

Let users stay up to date via Whatsapp with your promotions directly on their smartphones.

Cash or Product Voucher

Rabbits like carrots! Attach vouchers to your message either through a link or QR code.

Health or Personal Solutions

Provide dedicated or professional solutions. Understand your recipients and cater to their needs. They will be more than happy to add your whatsapp number in their address book.

Malaysia Whatsapp Business Marketing & Pricing

Mobile App API

Subscription Based
Monthly Subscription
  • Private Mobile Number
  • Coverage - International
  • Unlimited Keywords Subscription
  • 24/7 Operational Hours
  • Suitable for any business with high traffic users, educational institutions, reputable brands, offline or online(high traffic websites, restaurants, convenience store, clubs, train station, billboards, etc.

Mobile App API

Credit Based
Price depends on volume Pay Per credit
  • One Way Marketing
  • Coverage - International
  • Local Sender id
  • 24/7 Operational Hours
  • Suitable for property developers, gov agencies, insurance agencies, etc. Applications: Contests, reminder, public alert, etc.​
  • Credits will not expire

Reaching thousands in a split second

Location Marketing

Through Whatsapp, you can now precisely reach your target markets in any countries in the world, for example, Australia, Brazil, Singapore, Indonesia etc. This is where you are no longer confined or limited to one country of your target audience. Australian Whatsapp users can be in Malaysia, stationery or mobile, as long as they are a Whatsapp user, we will be able to reach them.

One-Click API Broadcast

You can now reach a large group of target audience in a matter of seconds. What happens here is that you can send them messages as and when is required. This is perfect if you are launching a new product, a new promotion or when you have any ad-hoc messages to be sent.

Demographic Centric

You can reach a specific target group based on their demographics because of their profile on Whatsapp. Hence, whether you are looking for a group of students, working adults, senior citizens, urban or rural, we are able to reach them. They are on trains, cars, office or school, as long as they are a Whatsapp user, they can potentially be your target market.

Rich Content

You are no longer limited to just text when sending your messages. Using Whatsapp, you can do so without having to worry about costs. Besides text messages, your content can now include images, photos, videos and even audio files. You can even include a location, a QR code and contact information too. In order to maintain effectiveness and the impact of your campaign, we will assist in providing advice about how long your messages should be and what should be included in your messages.

Used by more than 3000 clients worldwide

Whatsapp Marketing, The Most Innovative Way to Promote Your Business

When you work with us, you will be given an online ID. We will assist you with official Whatsapp API integration and application. You are required to use approved Message Templates from Whatsapp and to pay Whatsapp credit fee. This will give you access to a dashboard which you can derive your own design and you can start sending, even with demographics and location target. Our platform is suitable for all types of industries which include the following:

Food and Beverage

Among the information you can send out include:

  • New items in your menu
  • Online reservation
  • Ordering and delivery
  • Current and upcoming promotions

Hotel and Accommodation

You can use Whatsapp to:

  • Information about your facilities
  • Location and map to your hotel
  • types of rooms with pictures
  • Surveys and feedback

Real Estate and Property

You can use Whatsapp to connect with your customers with:

  • The latest launch of the property
  • Floor plans and other images
  • Promotions and discounts
  • Property advertisements

Retail Industry

The retail industry is most challenging and you can use Whatsapp to great effects. This includes:

  • Latest promotions and discounts
  • Coupons and vouchers
  • Location information
  • Videos and pictures of your products

Beauty and Personal Care

You can use Whatsapp to connect with your customers in the following areas:

  • Special package offers
  • Online purchase and discounts
  • Appointment with beauticians and stylists
  • Membership programmes

Entertainment and media

Whatsapp can be used for the following areas:

  • Booking for Karaoke rooms
  • Online reservations for movies
  • Pre-launch booking
  • Membership promotions and events

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