How to detect Whatsapp Marketing Software Scammers


Is the pricing for Bulk Whatsapp Blaster genuine?

Don’t be influenced with offers that are too good to be true!

  • Scammers will always use tactics to try and attract you to pay more. They will offer you high prices if you buy in small quantities and special offers if you buy in bulk.
  • Scammers will accumulate a lot of orders and when they have collected a large amount, they will run away with your money. Do a thorough check on the history of the website.

Should I work only with local companies?

Yes you should. Always work with a local service provider. When in doubt, do a background check:

  • They should have a website with information about their office, telephone number, and technical support contact.
  • Check their legitimacy with the government’s register of companies.
  • There are a lot of India-based bulk Whatsapp service providers who are offering unlimited sends. Such offers are mostly scams simply because there is no such thing as a totally-free unlimited sending or credits without incurring any cost(eg.,
  • No company will operate at a loss like this.

What should I do with credit validity?

  • Try to buy services from companies that offer no expiry for your credits.
  • Never buy credits that only give you a one-year validity (with no option to renew in the future).
  • You will never know at times when you are too busy and puts your marketing campaign on hold.
  • At the time when you want to use your credits, you find out that they have expired.

Should I use a local or international number to send Whatsapp?

Always use a local number to send because:

  • Legitimacy: The best way to prove the service provider is a local company.
  • Marketing: Sending Whatsapp marketing messages to your customers with a local number gives them more confidence.

What should I expect from the desktop software?

  • Control: You should be able to have full control and access to your account through desktop software like managing the license, messages sent (and received in some cases), profile, and others.
  • Avoiding scammers: Those scammers will tell you that their software works but they will not tell you before you pay them with factors like IP address and Channels or sim.
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