SMS Configurations

  1. What is the maximum length I can send in each SMS?

The maximum length is up to 3,000 characters. However, each SMS (1 credit) allows up to 160 characters. Additional characters will be regarded as the subsequent SMS. This is for standard Alphanumeric SMS usually in English Language or Bahasa Malaysia. For Unicode characters like Chinese and Japanese, 1 credit has a maximum of 70 characters.

  1. Does your system support all types of characters?

Yes, our Bulk SMS system is able to accommodate alphabets and characters in English, Chinese, Japanese and other languages.

  1. What is the delivery time?

Through our SMS Gateway, our approximate delivery time is around 40 SMSes per second.

  1. Will I be charged if the SMS failed in delivery?

Yes, the SMS Credits will be deducted for every SMS sent and not on success or failure of delivery.

SMS Credits

  1. What are my payment options to buy SMS Credits from

We accept PayPal and major credit cards. Alternatively, you can use bank transfer or pay by cheque to our company’s account.

  1. Are there any ‘hidden’ costs?

No. We only charge you for the number of SMS credits purchased.

  1. Is there any way I can try out your SMS credits?

Yes, sign up now and enjoy free credits.

  1. What is the cost of your SMS Credits?

Our SMS credits can be purchased depending on the package you prefer. Check with us on the packages we have. The higher the volume, the lower the cost will be.

  1. How long are the SMS Credits be valid?

Your SMS Credits will be valid for 1 year from the date of your purchase. However, if you add more credits before the expiry date, the remaining credits will enjoy the new expiry date together with the new Credits.

  1. How do I purchase your credits(for direct transfer)?

You can follow the following steps:

  1. No registration required
  2. Choose the package that you want. Remember that the more you buy, the more savings you will enjoy
  3. Checkout – click on the payment button and choose the payment methods.
  4. Sms your account number or ID to 0126725888 and the amount bank in(for direct transfer)
  5. Upon receiving your payment receipt, your credit will be automatically updated in your account.
  6. Is there a minimum purchase?

Yes, the minimum purchase is only 1,000 credits.


  1. Do I need special software to send bulk SMS through

No. All you need is a web browser like Safari, Internet Explorer,  Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or any other which is compatible.

  1. Are there any scheduling facilities?

Yes. Using our software, you can create a message to be sent at a pre-determined time and date as well as recipients.

  1. Can I use other software to send SMS?

We have only web based system to send SMS at the moment

  1. Must the SMS be in English?

No. You can send SMS in Bahasa Malaysia, Chinese, Japanese and most of other languages.

  1. Can I customize the sender information to be my business name?


  1. Can I create sub-accounts for my employees?

Yes, we allow unlimited sub-accounts.

  1. Are there ‘retry’ options?

Yes, if the SMS you sent failed to reach the recipient in cases where the phone was not switched on or they are out of the coverage area, our system will automatically retry in the next few hours.

  1. Can my customers response to my SMS?

Yes, they can. This is known as 2 Way SMS. You may check your inbox sms replied from your recipients in your control panel.

Countries availabilities

  1. Where is services available in?

We operate in the Asian region where our services can be used in countries like Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Brunei, Hong Kong and many others. In fact, our SMS services are compatible to be used in most parts of the world.

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