The Embassy of Mexico is located in Jalan Tun Razak in Menara Tan and Tan. It is the governmental representation of Mexico in the country that provides any form of assistance to those visiting the country and Malaysians who intend to visit Mexico.

One of the major functions of the Embassy of Mexico in Malaysia is to provide travelling assistance. Depending on which country you are from, a visa would be required if you intend to visit Mexico whether it is for business or leisure.

For Malaysians however, a Mexican visa is no longer required if you are there for non-paid activities. This can usually be up to 180 days. However, if you are going there to study (for more than 6 months), for business, to reside temporarily or permanently, a visa will be mandatory.

Documents and Certificates

Legalisation – It must be noted that all documents to have legal validity in Mexico must go through the legalization. At the Embassy of Mexico, you can do so at the consular section. Any documents that were issued by the Malaysian government need to be presented to the section. This includes birth certificates, marriage or divorce certificates and company registrations, among others.

Meanwhile, private institution documents must be authorized by the Notary Public prior to submission to this section.

Besides that, the Embassy of Mexico is authorized to issue passports

This service is extended for first-time applicants, for children, renewals as well as for those who lost or have their passports stolen. There are certain procedures involved and a payment between USD32 to USD136 depending on the number of years of validity.

If you are a Malaysian seeking to continue your studies in Mexico, the embassy is able to help you by extending several types of assistance. This includes application for visa, finding the right place to stay as well as any other information you would need.

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