We are experts in mobile marketing. In order to fully optimize the tools involved, we will assist you in creating a mobile phone database so that you can manage your campaigns better and more efficiently. We can help you to create a low-cost and affordable phone database based on any criteria provided.

Build your own master High End Database permission based list with our cutting edge technology

We work closely with you to provide all the right and easy data profiling solutions to you.

We bring you the right target market

We will assist you to find the right target market for all your marketing needs. While you can find a lot of information via the public domain, you can now save time and cost by allowing us to work with you by providing a value-for-money option in segregating your database for your business marketing. This will then be translated, although not limited to the following:

Malaysian Mobile Phone Contact Database

Do you require mobile phone numbers of companies or businesses in Malaysia to help boost your business? We can help you to acquire thousands of mobile numbers which you can use to make sound and better business decisions. We can help you to build a robust business phone database profiling and research the best target segment to venture into. In doing so, you will be able save more on your investments and future business campaigns by identifying the correct market segment and target audience.

Malaysia Top management Database Profiles

Our Top Management database profiling helps you in getting in touch with the top management profiles in Malaysia. You will find the contact information, the names of the C-suite people and Managing Directors of companies which are MNCs, GLCs, SMIs and other sectors in medicine, FMCG, retail and many more. If you are working out any form of partnership or joint-venture businesses or if you are an entrepreneur looking to expand your business into new territories, having access to this database will give you a good head-start.

Business Profiles Database

This is where you will find a broad collection of business profiles where you can view and identify. If you are an entrepreneur, a business owner or a top management personnel looking to venture into new partnerships or any strategic alliances, then this database profiling will be perfect for you. Presenting you the top management information, you can now connect to thousands of personnel which will give you direct connection with businesses in all sectors like manufacturing, oil and gas and retail, among others.

Please contact us for database profiling cost.

Looking to buy Malaysia business database profiling service?

When you have a collection of customer records to be utilised, your business will surge to another level. You can identify who your major customers are and their behaviours. You can identify the usual trends and buying behaviour which will then help you to identify your target markets better.

We can help you in your Email, SMS and Whatsapp marketing via the use of the accurate database records. It includes the following details:

  • Full Name
  • Email
  • Company Name
  • Company Business Address(only high level)
  • City
  • State
  • Zip Code
  • Website
  • Phone
  • Fax
  • Sales Revenue(only high level)
  • Number of Employees(only high level)
  • Industry and Sub-Industry breakdown available.
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