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SMS Marketing Platform With DONE-FOR-YOU Business Reseller Opportunity

Our Reseller programme is designed to help you to earn additional revenue through a unique model which is efficient and very lucrative. Through our SMS Reseller Programme, you will now be able to buy our SMS credits and then reselling them to your customers. You will be able to buy cheap credits in bulk through us and then breaking them in smaller volumes to be sold to your customers.

Our programme is very customer-friendly because there is no monthly or yearly commitment fee. For example, you can buy Rm1000 SMS or Whatsapp package. You can then sell RM1200 to your customers. That’s a good margin from only less than RM1000 investment. Moreover, the credits will not expire! You will be running a risk-free home-based business with a lot of flexibility.

A rare and guaranteed SMS Marketing Reseller Opportunity

Enjoy multiple channels, higher engagement rates and work-at-your-own-pace opportunity. Our platform gives you:

  • Better exposure compared to all conventional media
  • Easy-to-setup platform
  • Targets everyone in your market segment
  • No Technical knowledge required.

Work from anywhere!

This is a business opportunity you have never seen before. And to make it better, it is guaranteed to work! Work from anywhere in the world and earn the amount you deserve. Our SMS Marketing Reseller business is perfect if you want to reach customers on-the-go using SMS because:

  • Click-through rates via emails are too low
  • Too expensive to use Facebook or Google ads
  • Video marketing is too costly


Is SMS still IN?

Regardless of what you have heard, SMS Marketing is still the IN media. Whether it is conventional SMS or mobile-based messaging, it IS the simplest and cheapest marketing tool for years to come.

Billions of messages are exchanged every day. 9 in every 10 person holds a mobile phone. Text messaging enjoys a whooping 60% response rate as compared to only 6% in emails. More than 90% of text messages are read within 3 minutes after received. Almost all mobile phones globally are text-enabled.

With all that numbers, there is NO reason why you should not enter into this business. Coupled with our automated system, your business will reach your target audience at the cheapest rate!

International Platform for Making Money

Another factor that should drive you to join our platform is that you can now reach international market. With internet and mobile phones, you reach your business partners at anytime, anywhere and even specifically in any location. Nothing beats the joy of receiving money in your Paypal or credit card.

No other businesses can provide you with this kind of leverage and ROI. You will be well ahead of others.

Any businesses or organisations will want this service. After all, they need to be able to reach their target audience quickly and easily. If they want to drive sales, they want your service and that is where you have unlimited revenue opportunities.

With this platform, you provide your customers and business partners with a tool which can reach their target markets from the metropolitans to the Amazon rivers. There will be no place they cannot reach across the world and it is cheaper than ONE SHEET OF A4 PAPER per message. No other platform guarantees you such returns the way our SMS marketing does.

What businesses will enjoy this platform?

This platform can be used by just about anyone and any size. Whether they are individuals or companies, they will only need to buy credits from you and then start sending SMS to their intended targets using their database or purchase from our updated database. This would include:

  • Retail businesses like department stores, apparels company, groceries, sundry shops and such.
  • F&B – includes restaurants, cafes, coffee houses, etc
  • Religious Organizations – Churches, mosques, temples
  • Health and Fitness – Gyms, fitness centres
  • Medical – Hospitals, clinics
  • Entertainment – clubs, pubs, cinemas
  • Media owners like television stations, radios channels, print and publications
  • Government agencies like ministries and departments
  • Educational institutes like colleges and universities


When you use our All-In-One SMS platform, you only need to set the system up once and it will then run itself.

15 years Mobile Marketing Platform!

You can rest assured that our bulk SMS system is so robust that you don’t have to worry about downtime or glitches.

And of course, wait for notification email or SMS with

Create Unlimited Sub-Resellers!

Individuals who sign up at your portal to buy SMS credits are your PERSONAL USERS or RESELLERS.

GROUP USERS refer to organizations and groups who sign up with you to buy SMS Credits. In most cases, SME companies/businesses, other big brand names and government agencies will use this service.

SUB-RESELLERS are those who will buy credits from you to RE-SELL them for profit. These resellers will not see our logo but your logo instead. With our BizCentre package, you will be equipped with a 100% complete white label Web SMS solution that customized to your own company logo & contacts and most importantly manage your own resellers and customers!

What more? Biz partners are offered with the lowest SMS and advertising rates for the optimum business profit. Don’t wait, join now!

Sell Whatsapp and other marketing services

You are Not only selling SMS but other services like Whatsapp Marketing, our MobileBlaster rental service, Database Marketing and Profiling and other outdoor advertising services.

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