Profiting from SMS

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You can now be part of the global marketing movement that uses the latest communication technology for profit. Using SMS, you can now earn a handsome income through marketing messages.

SMS is being used in many ways that can generate income for your business if you know how. As experts in this industry and having been working on countless SMS-based campaigns, we can help you in this area.

Sms Mobile Subscription Service

A lot of SMS marketing messages today are intended to generate income through the use of mobile technologies. Such campaigns include those that require the receiver to send an SMS to a short code and be involved in a contest where they can stand to win a prize or two.

In such cases, the telecommunication company will charge the user based on how many of such SMSes were sent. Through this platform, you can now share the profits with the telecommunication (telco) companies. Prices range from RM0.30 to RM5 per SMS, a percentage will be split between several parties involved in these campaigns.

All you need is a good marketing idea or content and we will help you to do the rest. Consequently, if you would like to venture into this type of business, talk to us, the experts today.

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