Malaysia’s Top SMS Voting Contest

Malaysian Idol All Season Finale spectacular result

malaysian idol SMS contestMalaysian Idol has been a success to 8TV. There was a 20% increase in votes, from one million to 1.6 million SMSes with Daniel taking home 1.2 million of the SMS votes.

The concert, held at Genting Arena of Stars, was a success as well. When Daniel was announced as the next Malaysian Idol, the crowd, comprising mostly of Daniel’s supporters, burst into jubilant screams. But at the press conference after, the response was mixed.

The judges, 8TV CEO, Ahmad Izham Omar, and the Idols themselves were often called upon to explain why Nita, the more powerful vocalist, lost to Daniel. Paul said, “We’re here to make careers for these contestants. There’s nothing wrong with that. It’s the life and blood of the industry. In fact Elton John once said ‘If 13-year-old girls aren’t buying your CDs, you’re history’”. Roslan added, “Everyone is good and talented. This year is no different just different type of talents. We’ll see after this. Does 1.2 million votes translate into sales? I have confidence because Daniel is talented.”

BMG Contract for Daniel

A caller asked Daniel, who wins a SonyBMG contract as well, if he has the confidence to tackle a competition like ‘World Idol’. “People voted me for my talent so I will try my best,” Daniel replied. “I will try to be more powerful. I never had the confidence before until I started singing three years ago. I can do more if I make it to World or Asean Idol.” And on whether Asean Idol will happen or not, Izham said, “We’re still in discussion. There are a lot of egos to pander to.”

About MI2 in general, Roslan said, “We can’t keep comparing MI1 with MI2 and each subsequent MI editions. Each talent is unique,” Paul added, “I thought we got good talent that fell through. But the season was passionate, intense and unpredictable.”

Nita and Daniel agreed on the show being unpredictable. “We started preparing to be eliminated anytime. As for predicting which one of us will win, I don’t care about the result because I think both of us are winners,” Daniel, whose idol is Jay Chou, commented.

On which of the judges’ insider’s comments affected the Idols most, Nita said, “I take their comments as a challenge. But of all the judges, I’m scared to look at Roslan most!” “Three of them sometimes break my heart,” Daniel admitted. “Roslan usually says if he likes something or doesn’t. Jee gives me confidence and Paul is very long-winded. I take the comments and try to improve from them.”

So now that Daniel has been crowned Malaysian Idol, what did he think was his responsibility as one? “I think it’s to be a role model for the kids, try my best and take things positively.”

Well said, Daniel! The rest of the country will be very interested in following Daniel’s career.

The Top 9 of all after the SMS vote counts…

SMS idol contestantThe other finalists have been keeping busy too. Ash and Faizull, the rockers and best friends of the show, has decided to produce a single together featuring English and Malay rock songs. The single will comprise two or three songs, with Ash singing the English rock tracks and Faizull doing the Malay numbers.

It is well known that Ash had been in the midst of recording his solo effort, but this single will be out before his album is released.

3rd placed Idol, Farah, has been busy as well. So far, Tan Sri Lim Kok Weng has gone public in his announcement that he will sponsor his ex-student’s studies as well as album. Farah has also received offers to advertise for some well-known brands.

A PR agent who offered to represent him has approached Azam while Trish has received an offer from an independent recording label. All have been kept busy singing at functions. Those keen to catch up with Atilia can always visit the Selangor Club where she sings three times a week. All the Idols do not have any immediate plans as they still have gigs under 8 Unit to fulfill.

Nita & Daniel Impressed on Finale

The Grand Finale showcased the best of the top two contenders for the Malaysian Idol SMS crown.

jac victorSeason 2 had been filled with surprises, shock exits and more twists than a Dan Brown novel. Even at this last stretch, it was no different. When the top two were announced, many fear they were not suitable to be on the Grand Final stage but Nita and Daniel have proved the critics wrong.

The night opened with the previous top 11 singing ‘Pop Ye Ye'(VE) and ‘Shut Up’ (Simple Plan). Xerra was a show stealer with her metallic blue hair, as she promised. The rest looked like they had matured into artistes as well.

Daniel started the night with the theme song, ‘Mimpi’by Pot Amir of Innuendo. He was his usual pop, boyband self on stage and was very good at working the crowd. However, there were times when the band drowned his weak vocals. As usual, the words he sang were not audible but the total result was not disasterous. Through skilled showmanship, Daniel gave the song hisown brand of pop. “You’re going to be a superstar,”Roslan summed up.

Nita came on next with the jury’s choice song, ‘Berhenti Berharap’. Like in the spectacular, it was stunning and heart-heart-wrenching. Nita showcased her vocal capabilities with that song, and connected with the audience, something that she was not always successful at doing. It was a triumphant effort. “You’re born to be a singer,” said Roslan.”You’ve been inconsistent throughout this competition,”Paul said. “People couldn’t see you at your best then but now they can.”

Daniel’s Heaven Knows the favourite of all

For his next song, Daniel picked his favourtie, ‘Heaven Knows’. To Daniel, he started his Idol journey with the song and he was going to end it with it too. Like his audition, Daniel was simply mesmerizing with the song.Roslan summed it up best when he said,”I was impressed at your audition. When it matters, you did well.” Jee said simply, “Ëxcellent.”””It’s difficult to make the song intimate on a big stage,”Paul noted though.

Nita was next with her song choice, ‘Big Spender’. This song was arguably the most memorable of the whole Season 2. Nita performed it again, this time in all pink, with such gusto that the crowd loved it. Roslan said,”When I watch you perform, I think you will have an album not long now.”Jee put it succinctly with “You did it.” Paul said, “You showed us your great, big voice.You used the stage to your advantage.”

Daniel took his last chance to win the votes with Ángin Malam’. It was his winning song for the Spectaculars, and it was his winning song for the night too. His rendition was once again touching and heart-felt.Roslan admitted,” “Ï am very impressed.”Jee siad, “Now this is an Idol!”Paul added, “You’re going to have a great career.”

saifulFor the last competition song, Nita was up again to perform ‘Mimpi’. Her version was stronger and given a dose of depth, Nita-style. She showed her vocals on certain parts, causing the audience to go wild for Nita. At the end, Roslan could only say, Ï’ve seen you from your audition stage to theatre and then the spectaculars… You peaked tonight.” Ï like the way you let go. Full of energy,”Jee complimented. “”To finally see you show your big voice… it made me so proud,” added Paul.

NitaWhen everyone thought the show was over, Nita and Daniel came on stage to deliver another song for the fans. They did a duet, ‘Kau Dihatiku/ You’ll be In My Heart’. Towards the end of the song, the rest of the Season 2 Idols came on to join them.By the last notes, many in the audience, including the VVIP section had stood up for a rousing applause.

The Top 2 SMS Voting Showdown – 2005 Finale

After four months, these are your two top contenders to the crown…

vick singerAfter four months of auditions, 9 000 contestants had been trimmed down to these two, Nita and Daniel. And these two could not be more different from each other.

Nita is the club singer with 8 years of experience as a professional singer under her belt. Daniel has only ever sung in cafes. Nita is elegant on stage and her showmanship reflects her experience. Daniel only knows how to have fun on stage. She is reserved, while he speaks with naïve honesty. But both are good looking, young and talented.

Want to know what they’re like in person? Here are some of their thoughts.

How do you feel knowing that you’ve emerged from thousands to make it this far?
N: Hinestly, I feel happy and shock for the first time.
D: Quite surprised actually. It’s hard to believe. I’m very grateful to be given he chance to improve myself yet there is so much more to learn.

Do you feel you’re better at Malay or English songs? Why?
N: I think I’m capable of both but I feel more comfortable singing in English because of my experiences of performing with the live band in nightclubs.
D: at this stage, I personally feel that I’m more suitable singing in Malay because Bahasa Melayu is my first formal language before I learned English and Mandarin.

What’s your favourite song?

N: Left Outside Alone by Anastacia, because the song is so me!
D: Kini Bebas because of the melody and it suits my style of singing.

What’s the harshest comments you got from the judges?
N: The harshest was when Roslan said that I sang totally out of pitch and that my voice is not as beautiful as my looks.
D: During R&B week, I sang ‘Obsession’ and got bad comments. From then, I learnt that I shouldn’t sing too much rhythmic and melodic songs.

What are you like before MI and how has it changed you?
N: I am a simple girl, a bit of a tomboy, but now I learn how to dress like a girl and wear heels. People recognize me on the streets now.
D: I’ve grown so much. Before, I thought I am good. Now I realize there are so many people who are better than me in singing. I changed in my thinking.

What did you think of comments that you made it this far based on your looks?
D: Maybe people’s first impression is that I look cute but I wish people would love me because of my talent.
N: Roslan and Jee always say it’s about the package. You must have everything.

Who did you think would make the top 2?

N: I thought it was Atilia and Farah. I am just grateful to be in the top 11.
D: Trish and Atilia. At first I thought it was east to win this competition but in the Theatre Elimination round, I found it very hard. I broke down and didn’t think I would get through and be in the top 24.

What do you think of a talent competition with the concept of voting via sms?
N: I think it is a fair competition with sms from the judges.
D: The reason we joined MI is because we know it is voting via sms. So it’s good.

If sms votes not withstanding, how would you fair in this competition?
N: I honestly don’t know because I don’t know how to judge myself.
D: I think my chances will be zero. The top 11 have powerful voices. As for me I have a unique voice and musical ability. If the contest is based on singing only, I don’t think I will go far.

What is your definition of an Idol?
N: An idol is someone all Malaysians look up to.
D: An idol is an example to other people. Our idol is Jac. She is an inspiration.

Are you ready to wear the title of ‘Malaysian Idol’?
N: Yes, I’m ready.
D: I agree with Nita.

If you win, what ‘cool’ picture do you think will be on your album cover?
N: It will be really cool if I’m in a gothic look and it portrays my charismatic personality on it.
D: It will be cool if it could picture the pop boy band, young and stylish image on the front cover.

Malaysian Idol Judges

Paul Moss

As A&R Director of ground-breaking record company Positive Tone from it’s inception in 1994 until 2003, Paul oversaw the transformation in Malaysian music that created whole new markets for English language artists and new genres of music. Being responsible for artist signing, artistic direction, recording, production and content development he is justifiably proud of the success of OAG, Too Phat, Innuendo, Poetic Ammo, Ferhad and many others in the Positive Tone family.

Paul is also a multi-award winning Producer/Writer/Arranger. Producing a string of Gold and Platinum releases and AIM (‘Malaysian-Grammy’) winners from OAG, Innuendo, Juliet the Orange and working with everyone from Too Phat to Ella to Nice Stupid Playground. Paul also oversaw the Malaysian production for Taiwanese superstar Elva Hsiao’s phenomenally successful first two albums and added credits with Chinese legend Fei Xiang.

Before settling in Malaysia, Paul was Songwriter and Musical Director for International Pop group ‘The Fan Club’ (Sony Music NZ 1986-1991) with several Gold albums to its credit and winner of International Artist of the Year at the 1991 NZ Music Awards. , Paul’s pedigree and credibility are unimpeachable. He’s a straight talker who calls a flat note “flat”, not “bluesy”. Ignore his advice at your peril.

Roslan Aziz

A multi-award winning producer-composer, Roslan Aziz is the man behind the unrivaled acts such as Sheila Majid and Zainal Abidin, Amir Yusoff, Prema, Zubir Ali, the recent singing debutante, Atilia and ALI; a duo comprising Roslan Aziz and Mukhlis Nor. Co-founder of the renowned Roslan Aziz Production label (R.A.P), the first local recording label to generate interest from abroad, R.A.P. took the local music industry one step further by not only stirring up the regional music scene, but also the entertainment arenas in Indonesia, Japan, Europe and South America. Although R.A.P. only produced 15 albums in 15 years, they were all booming successes. Commanding quality over quantity in every production, the music house managed to gain favourable recognition and veneration nationwide and beyond, for their uniquely eclectic sounds, tuned to perfection.

Among the numerous awards garnered by Roslan were Best Album award for the album Gamal from AIM in 1995, Best Album award for the album Emosi at BASF Awards, Indonesia in 1987 and in 2002 winning the Most Promising Producer at the Music Producers Awards in the United States. Roslan added,” Malaysian Idol is like an Olympics for young aspiring artists to compete at the world stage and I’m honoured to be chosen as one of the judges for Malaysian Idol.”

Fauziah Latiff

The sweet yet determined Fauziah Latiff, better known as Jee to her adoring fans, first embarked on her singing career quite by chance when she appeared for the first time at a charity concert at Stadium Merdeka in 1987. Her talent did not go unnoticed for Fauziah was “spotted” by recording company Happy Records, and much to her delight, was subsequently offered an audition and later, a recording contract.

Her first single shot to great heights in the local music charts and the song soon was hummed, sung and enjoyed by the young and old alike. The single, Di Gamit Memori, was responsible for bringing the teenager Fauziah into TV shows and stardom.

It was also during that time (1988) that Fauziah was given the honour to represent Malaysia in the 6th Asia Pop Song festival held in the Philippines. The success of this festival was followed by the release of Fauziah’s second album. This time, the slim beauty was paired with composer Manan Ngah. With the release of Kau Merubah Segalanya in 1989, Fauziah Latiff became a household name.

Her presentation in the Kingsway Entertainer’s Fiesta, which saw her crowned as overall winner, also secured Fauziah’s name and reputation as a true entertainer. Success upon success followed and by 1995, Fauziah has represented the country in various song and music festivals such as the Asean Music Festival in Fukuoka, the Asean Music Syndrome in Kyoto, the Asian Pop Queen Festival and the Asian Big Adventure in Osaka, Japan.

By the following year, PAPITA chose Fauziah to represent Malaysia in the Asian Song Festival in Bali, Indonesia. With 15 albums under her belt and numerous awards won throughout her illustrious career, Jee is a bona-fide pop songstress who has been through it all.