How to use WhatsApp Web – Features and Steps

Regardless of whether you are a large or small business, reaching your customers and potential customers where they are is crucial. WhatsApp has been the leading messaging apps for some time now and that is where you need to connect with your customers.

Accessing WhatsApp options

While all WhatsApp users are on their mobile devices, you can now enjoy the convenience of accessing your account from your desktop. This means you can now chat by typing on your standard keyboard and attach files from your computer or laptop.

What do you need to use WhatsApp Web?

To access your WhatsApp account on the web, you can do so by:

  • Using the browser-based application which can be accessed via
  • Download the WhatsApp desktop app which is a stand-alone software you install into your computer or laptop.

How to log in to your WhatsApp account?

Once you have access to the WhatsApp Web feature either through the browser or standalone app, you can now log in to your own WhatsApp account. The first page you will see is a QR code which you need to scan with your mobile device.

To do that, you will have to first access the ‘Settings’ function on your mobile device. There, you will see the WhatsApp Web/Desktop feature. Select this and you will activate the QR Code scanner. Face your camera to the WhatsApp Web page and you are logged in.

What do you get with WhatsApp Web?

If you are familiar and very accustomed to the WhatsApp app (which you probably are), then you will notice that the desktop/web-based version is the same.

What you get when you access WhatsApp from your desktop is that you can type messages on your keyboard and manage your files and attachments from your computer and send rich-media messages like audio files, videos, documents, etc.

A unique feature of WhatsApp Web/Desktop

With WhatsApp Web/Desktop, you can log in to your account through several devices. This makes it a lot more convenient as you can now chat on your desktop at work or at home. Within this feature, you can check which device(s) you are connected in. On top of that, you can also:

  • Log out from all devices – simultaneously.
  • Scan QR Code – Log in to another device.


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