We aim to produce not just mobile applications and contents that capture mobile users’ behaviour but we will assist you in marketing your apps to your audiences.

We are Mobile Application & Content Provider that offers mobile applications and contents to businesses and end users. Our mobile apps and contents are targeted to specific mobile communities – mobile users that share common and yet specific needs and wants. Our mobile apps and contents are designed and developed in the users’ needs and wants in mind, whereby it is focus to offer unique value proposition to the users.

We develop mobile apps on iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Nokia Widget, J2ME, WAP and SMS. We have built over 40 types of mobile applications and contents distributed throughout the world. Our clients range from mobile operators, mobile content aggregator, mobile app marketing, media partners, brand owners and strategic mobile partners.

Not Just Mobile App Development

We have an experience in Android and iPhone app marketing in Malaysia with more than 20 years in mobile technology experience. If you’re looking for iPhone and Android app developer in Malaysia, contact us now. Our app development fees are much competitive than other companies and yet our mobile app development work is second to none. We have experience in creating from simple to jaw-dropping mobile apps. Some of our iPhone and Android applications we have developed are below.

Android Apps Development Malaysia

If you are looking for an experience Android development team in Malaysia, look no further. We have a team of Android app developers which are focus on this fast growing smartphone platform.  Some of our Android applications we have developed are below.

Not just one mobile platforms

A mobile app is essentially an app that can be operated on a smartphone. Different smart phones are operated by different platforms(Android, Apple, Windows Mobile) and it is our job to develop comprehensive mobile apps which are compatible with all platforms in the market.

Bring your business to another level

According to recent statistics there are over 2 billion mobile phones and portable hand held devices in Asia alone and that number is growing daily. Now you can reach this growing segment of end users with information generated faster than ever with our database marketing and profiling technology. With our Mobile App and Portal Development service, your users can view your important website information from virtually anywhere with their mobile phones or internet-browser enabled mobile device quickly and easily.

A Mobile App and Portal will definitely improve your customer satisfaction, it can be applied to virtually any type of business.

The benefits are endless

  • Make a variety of important and useful information instantly available to your visitors.
    Your viewers can get Information when they are on the go. In a car, bus, train, airport. Anywhere they can use their portable device or mobile phone.
  • Provide your customer a quick view of what’s new, with a mobile app that’s always up-to-date.
  • Get connected with more targeted customer.
  • Fast download speeds for user viewing pleasure.
  • And lots more.

Some of the mobile apps that we have developed

  • Mobile Fantasy Football – Allows mobile users in Malaysia play fantasy football sports on their phone
  • Guess The Football Star Contest – A innovative mobile contest using mobile app technology
  • Virtual Girlfriend on mobile – A mobile version of our successful Virtual Girlfriend content
  • Astrology mobile app – Extensive resources on Astrology
  • Emperor Quest – A Multiplayer Multiplatform Mobile Game also playable on any mobile phones

What we can offer you

  • We can build an mobile app for you in record-fast pace
  • We ensure virtually ALL mobile phones are compatible with your mobile app, from mobile phones with black and white screens to iPhone
  • We ensure your mobile app is fast-loading and light, to ensure your mobile visions do not have to wait for long and pay for heavy mobile data charges

Fantasy World Cup Game

White-label Mobile Fantasy World Cup Game Application on Web, Mobile, Facebook App & iPhone

With the excitement of World Cup football championship beckons, we are prepared to take advantage of this once-every-4-years event, by introducing our white-label Fantasy World Cup solution.

This Fantasy World Cup application lets you assemble your own World Cup team consisting of actual World Cup players that will be playing in World Cup. You score points based on those players’ actual statistical performances on their matches.

For example, you may choose Michael Ballack and Cristiano Ronaldo to be in your team. If they performed well in the World Cup matches, they will be given positive scores (negative scores if they played badly). These scores will be accumulated in your team to decide your ranking in the fantasy World Cup league table. Users are allowed to transfer players in and out of their team.

Every year, millions of football fans around the world participate in numerous fantasy football games based on top leagues like English Premier League, Bundesliga and more. For instance, there are more than 2 million fantasy EPL users at fantasy.premierleague.com

Available Platforms

  • Mobile Friendly Web Portal
  • Facebook App
  • J2ME

Mobile Dating

Mobile Dating Malaysia

Mobile Content Description
Taking the successful online dating business into the mobile arena. Online dating businesses have reached multi-billion revenue standards. Our mobile dating mobile content is poised to reap the same lucrative revenues from online dating by harvesting the capabilities and proliferation of mobile phones.

How does it work?
A user just enters their profile such as nickname, age and sex and also enters their desired partner’s profile (i.e: age, sex). Our application will find matching profiles and deliver these matches to the user via Premium SMS messages, periodically.

Functions available for users are,

  • Chat with other users
  • Easy chat reply
  • Upload photos
  • Download other users’ photos.
  • Search users based on nickname, age or gender
  • View all matching users
  • View users’ profile

Mobile Data Type

  • GPRS
  • 3G to 5G

Mobile App Contest

This service is proven to be very successful in many countries and mobile operators across the world. Many companies have witnessed that SMS or mobile app contests have managed to increase substantial sales and revenue, and also create “stickiness” with their products and brands.

How does it work?
Participants basically join the SMS or mobile app contest by sending in SMS (text) message to a SMS shortcode number. Normally, SMS or mobile app contests are trivia-based contests (Q&A), but if you required something more elaborated, we could provide you a mobile app contest application that offers your customer a richer experience.

Road Tax Reminder

“Road Tax Reminder” is an app to remind you when your Road Tax and Car Insurance are due. You will not believe how this simple and affordable app can help you save money from being fined by the police. This application can remind you from 1 to 4 weeks before the road tax due This app also includes a Car Insurance Reminder, to remind you when your car insurance expires, this way you can plan ahead on renewing your insurance.

Mysos App

This app offers emergency and directory contacts for Malaysians. You can get phone numbers of hospitals, highways, police, fire brigade, mobile operators, hotels, taxis, cinemas, banks and more

A Must-Have app for every Malaysian. You’ll need this app when you least expect it.

Kurnia One Touch App

This app offers emergency and directory contacts for Malaysians. You can get phone numbers of hospitals, highways, police, fire brigade, mobile operators, hotels, taxis, cinemas, banks and more

With this Kurnia One Touch app, you can:
• Send SOS to Kurnia if your car broke down anywhere in Malaysia. Kurnia will send assistance to your location
• Notify your claim to directly, if you are involved in an accident. This speeds-up your claim process
• Set reminder to renew your car insurance
• Search nearby Kurnia branches and panel workshops

The Kurnia One Touch app is a must-have application for Kurnia car insurance customers or any drivers.

With Kurnia One Touch, you can easily get in touch with your Kurnia Customer Care. This application sends immediate SOS to Kurnia customer care personnel for them to send help to you.

This application also enables you to make an insurance claim notification in just a few touches. Snap up to 16 photos and add up to three witnesses and third party information to speed-up the claim processing.

There’s even a nearby function, which enable you to search the nearby Kurnia Branches and nearby panel workshops for immediate help.

7-Eleven Catch The Wave With Slurpee SMS Contest

Just Mobile launched with 7-Eleven the Catch The Wave with Slurpee SMS Contest where the grand prize is a 7 days / 6 nights trip to Hawaii for 2 persons plus RM20,000 travelling expenses.

Besides the awesome grand prize, 7-Eleven is also giving away cool electronic products and gadgets like iPhone, 40 inch LED TV, MacBook Air, Nikon SLR camera and so much more. Visit www.7eleven.com.my to join now.

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