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Not getting enough football? Whatever thrills you about the most beautiful game in the world, you’ll find it here on Malaysia’s Premier League Bola Mobile Football App. Join the live game and listen to commentary from around the world on teams, leagues and championships. Want to get on the pitch? There’s loads of football to play with prediction games, quizzes and other cool games. Want to hook up with other football fans? Join the Mobile Bola football community, right here. The game is on. Be a player. Step right in.

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Two lucky people have made their way to and back from Yokohama, Japan. There is much more in store. Register now and join thousands of football fans who now experience Malaysia’s Ultimate Football Site.
If you’ve been with us for a while, you should already have received your password through SMS tag. We encourage you to change it to something that is easy to remember, because, with all that’s going on at Premier League Mobile Bola Football App, we’re sure you’ll be visiting us often!

Mobile Bola Game Registration Instruction

You’ll also be getting a SMS secret code by post. We urge you to complete the form, sign it and send it to us as soon as you get it. Because your access to is only valid for 45 days from your date of registration. Once we receive your form, you will be granted full membership, and all the perks that go with it!

To those of you who have sent us your secret code, thank you! Your full membership to this site will be confirmed through SMS. If you haven’t sent it or have yet to receive your confirmation SMS, better get going or inform us, because we need your particulars in order for you to continue accessing all the great information, games and more, at Malaysia’s Premier League Mobile Bola Football App!

If you have not received, lost or misplaced your secret SMS code, get your online SMS access code from our sales consultant.
Instruction for new player: Send BOLA your name to 63001 and follow instructions.

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