Macasia Apple Accessories – Must-Haves for every Apple User

Whether you are an iPad, an iPhone or an iPod, Imac laptop user, the basic design of your device will never be enough. Macasia accessories and gadgets will make your experience all the more rewarding. This includes the following:

Iphone Covers – When it comes to covers, you can choose between wooden ones, steel ones or just rubbery versions. Apple makes their own phone and iPad covers but you can find those by Incipio of the Snugg bamboo cases as well.

Earphones – This includes headphones and no one makes it better than Dr Dre’s Beats. After all, Apple bought over the company in a multi-billion dollar deal and it has since become a mainstay among Apple users. The Apple Earpods and in-ear Headphones are quite popular too considering its matching white exteriors.

Keyboards – This is best used for the iPad but it is very popular among iPhone users as well. The Folio-case keyboards are quite useful for typing messages especially with Whatsapp mobile app as they fit nicely into the iPad and are commonly offered by the likes of Belkin and Logitech. There are clamshell keyboards which make carrying the tablet a lot easier. ClamCase and Zagg are among the known names here.

Stylus – Perhaps not the most popular gadget used but can be very functional. Jot Pro makes one of the most popular styluses for the iPad but there are many others in the market that are quite affordable.

Speakers – With wireless connectivity like Bluetooth, you will need speakers that look equally as good. JBL and Harmon Kardon have been making Bluetooth speakers for the iPod and iPhone for years and they are getting a lot better. Logitech and Bowers & Wilkins too have their own take in this sector but you can never discount Dr Dre’s Beats and Bang & Olufsen which will give you the best sounds you can ever imagine when streaming music from your Apple device.

iMac & Macbook Generations and features by Macasia

Steve Jobs has always been synonymous with Apple in many ways. During his second stint in the company that he co-founded, he introduced a new personal computer which was supposed to be the ‘game changer’. This was in 1998, and the blue plastic model in Macbook would be a head-turner and was actually a true ‘personal computer’. This was the iMac and while it might not change personal computing that significantly, it would change how people see laptop, since the Macbook.

iMac G3 – The ‘i’ was used to depict 5 meanings, namely internet, individual, instruct, inform and inspire. The price would be the main stumbling block as it came with a G3 processor and 4GB hard drive. In 1998 and introducing USB, it took a whole lot of convincing before it changed the colour of computing from the standard beige machines to funky green and blue, among others. New colours and more powerful specs were introduced only a year later. It would then introduce the FireWire connection.

iMac G4 – This was perhaps the first model to use flatscreen monitors. Using a G4 processor, more than 150,000 units were ordered in the first 3 weeks of its launch. Apple would keep the momentum going by introducing a 17-inch version not long after and then the 20-inch model came about and took in more believers.

iMac G5 – To introduce the iMac G5, Apple retired the G4. This was brought about by the ‘makers of the iPod’ and it looked similar. The housing was only 2-inch thick and came with either a 17 or 20-inch screen. Besides that, it came with the Airport and Bluetooth features. The design was a ‘all in one’ desktop version that could push the PC into the living room.

iMac Intel – This needed a bit of convincing and Apple started using Intel processors and that means cheaper machines. The first version used polycarbonate and then the aluminum came out.

The latest version came with a ‘backlit’ feature which came with crystal clear images. The LED-backlit 27-inch screen means users can enjoy 16:9 widescreen videos with almost every superlative like ‘stunning’ and jaw-dropping used to illustrate the iMac.

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