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How to send SMS online?

To send SMS, you will first need to have an account with either one of our 3 types of Gateways. Sending SMS through the our gateway is very easy. At the tabs located on the upper part of the interface, select “Send Message”. After that, type in the recipient number(number must start with country code. eg. 60 for Malaysia). You can key in more than 1 recipient with one new line for each recipient. After that click on “Send Now” and your message is then sent. Observe the “Character(s) Left” and “SMS(s)” below the content box. If your SMS content has more than 155 characters, more than one credits will be charged.

How to send MMS?

Sending MMS is very easy. Choose “Quick MMS” from the top menu in the middle. You can then start sending your MMS by selecting Demo at the Sender ID and then typing in the title of your message. You can then proceed to type in the telephone number of the recipients or send to an address book you have saved. If you want to send the MMS to more than 1 recipient, separate them with commas. You will then need to upload the MMS file by clicking on the “Upload MMS File” button. You can then click on ‘Send Now’. It’s that easy.

How to Send Mobile Business Card

To send a Business Card, you can choose the shortcut to ‘Send BizCard’. Alternatively, you can click on the ‘Send Message’ tab and select ‘Send BizCard’. Select the appropriate Sender ID and then type the name you wish to appear in this Business Card and the Contact Number. After that, type in the telephone numbers of the recipients you wish to send the business card to by separating the numbers using commas.

How to send SMS using Campaign?

To send SMS using campaign, log in with your ID and password with the secret code displayed. Then click on the ‘Send Message’ tab and select ‘Send SMS with Campaign’. You will then be offered 3 choices where you need to choose ‘With New Campaign’. You will need to give the campaign a title. Key in your campaign name and click ‘Next’. After that, select the appropriate Sender ID and key in the telephone numbers of the recipients. You can choose your recipients from your Address book. Then, key in the message of your campaign and click ‘Send’. You can check the status of the delivery by clicking on the ‘Status/Reporting’ tab and selecting ‘Campaign Statistics’.

How to schedule SMS/SMS Reminder?

To schedule an SMS or an SMS reminder, you will need to select the SMS Reminder shortcut or go to the ‘Utility’ tab and select ‘SMS Reminder’ after signing in with your ID, Password and the secret code. Select ‘New Task’ and then proceed to choose the appropriate Sender ID and then key in the telephone number of the recipients you wish to sent the SMS to. After that, type in the text of the message before choosing one option at the ‘Task Category’ menu. There will be a calendar on display where you will then be required to choose the appropriate time and date to send the SMS out.

How to Import Contacts into Phone Book

To import your contacts into the Phone Book, you will need to create a an excel file and save it as .CSV file. In your Excel file, you need to have the fields Full Name, Nick Name and the telephone number in 3 columns. Choose ‘Save As’ and select .CSV file. After logging in, select Phone Book and choose Edit/Add New Group. Then click on the ‘New Group’ button. There will be a few confirmation popup screens, click ok for all these screens and make sure there is a red confirmation text on screen.

Give the group a name and then you can proceed to import your contacts. Select ‘Go to Phone Book’ and then choose the new group you have just created. Click on ‘Import from CSV file’ and then proceed to upload the Excel file. You will then be required to match the fields in your CSV file with that is provided in this site. Click on ‘Next’ and your contacts are imported successfully. You can then edit the contacts here or add a new contact in your phone book accordingly.

How to send Personalized SMS?

To send Personalized SMS, you will need to use a .CSV file. Log in to your account and then select the ‘Personalized’ shortcut. You will then be required to upload the CSV file. After that, select the ‘Without Campaign’ and click on ‘Next’. The fields in the CSV file will then be matched where you can choose the appropriate field name. After that, you can key in your personalize message and click on General Personalized SMS. Use the symbols [] to identify the fields that you want to match to the fields in the CSV file.

What is TeLLMe Feedback System and how to use it?

At the ‘TeLLMe Feedback Sys’ tab, select Keyword Settings. Click on the ‘Reserve Keyword’ button which will allow you to purchase the keyword which will only be valid for 5 days. You can then type in the keyword and click on ‘Create Now’. Then, move to the Edit icon which will allow you to determine the settings and se the auto reply message.

At the 3-Way SMS Settings, select the appropriate Sender ID, then type in the message. This will usually be an auto reply for enquiries. You can then send the Business Card to the sender at the second setting window. At the Third Setting, you can direct the SMS to the Person in Charge. This can be done using a rotation system involving a few Persons in charge. After that, you can choose the group where the sender’s details are recorded.

The TeLLMe Feedback System works in such a way that a sender can send a short message ‘Enquiry Yean’ to your number. An auto-reply will be sent back to the sender where the message is then attended by a Person in charge in your company. The customer Yean’s details will then be recorded in your contacts.

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