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Two Way Whatsapp API Blasting

It’s now possible to have Whatsapp Marketing with replies!

A Unify Platform To Level Up Your Whatsapp Game. Broadcast WhatsApp messages with our Two Way gateway, built-in with features like chatbot, auto-reply, message scheduling and even get paid  with our Whatsapp Shop feature. 

Use the same platform across teams for better customer support workflow and team work management.

Whatsapp Business Marketing(WABA)

Have you been thinking about using WhatsApp API for business but you’re not sure what it is or how it works? Get your Whatsapp Business API account up and running within the same week!


Send Unlimited Whatsapp messages with MobileBlaster Software

MobileBlaster is official in Malaysia & Singapore
  • Send Unlimited Whatsapp messages
  • Upload Database in Excel or CSV file
  • Send up to 5,000 recipients in one click
  • No character limitation or Filtration
  • Zero maintenance, Unlimited Use
  • Send anywhere, anytime
  • Combine Multiple Whatsapp accounts  

We are Whatsapp Mobile Marketing Expert in Malaysia & Singapore

Using Whatsapp mobile marketing applications means that you can now enjoy a more cost-effective method of reaching your customers. Whatsapp allows you to send long messages as well as image files.

  • Limitless opportunities in designing an advertising campaign
  • Ultra-accurate identification of your target audience
  • Use your company logo for branding in Whatsapp
  • Full report of recipients with received status
Leave the tedious job to the well trusted company

Bulk Whatsapp Blasting Web Marketing with cheapest Rates, since 2001


Two Way Whatsapp
RM 45 Per month(pay yearly)
  • Coverage - International
  • 2 Whatsapp
  • 2500 Messages per month
  • Suitable for any businesses ready to enhance their customer service platform with chatbots and automations.


Two Way Whatsapp
RM 65 Per month(pay yearly)
  • Coverage - International
  • 10 Whatsapp
  • Unlimited Messages per month
  • Suitable for leisure or sports clubs, FNB chains, healthcare providers, real estate agencies and developers, recruitment companies, travel agencies, etc.


Two Way Whatsapp
RM 108 Per month(pay quarterly)
  • Coverage - International
  • Unlimited Whatsapp
  • Unlimited Messages per month
  • For banks, major ecommerce sites, political agencies, educational institutions, reputable brands, etc. Resellers are welcome to buy this package and resell to your clients.

SMS Gateway

Shortcode SMS gateway
$ RM0.09 Per credit
  • Shortcode Gateway (1 Way), Telco Server
  • Coverage - International
  • Shortcode Sender id(eg. 63666)
  • Less filtration.
  • 24/7 Operational Hours
  • Suitable for financial institutions or banks, managements, government agencies, critical applications, insurance agencies, reputable brands, educational institutions, etc. Applications: Contests, verification tags, reminder, public alert, etc.
Wholesale bulk Whatsapp marketing system for resellers with White label System.

Best business model you can start with. Earn recurring income now.

Features of our Whatsapp panel you can't get elsewhere

No annual fee

We don’t charge any annual fee for our credit based systems

Whatsapp Button

Whatsapp Button is what your campaign needs. (*Only for Whatsapp Business account only)

Chatbot Builder

Build your own Chatbot within minutes with our intuitive and user-friendly chatbot builder

User-friendly System

Our user interface is extremely simple and with robust features

whatsapp marketing company

No setup fee

Zero setup fee for new accounts

Privacy Guaranteed

Your database is 100% protected. Our systems are encrypted from all endpoints. More than 3000 clients trusted us for more than 20 years.

Advanced API included

We have a very comprehensive and user-friendly Whatsapp API code set where you can connect anything from website to SMS and Whatsapp system(agency package)

Used by more than 3000 clients worldwide

Highly reliable Whatsapp gateway system

mobile serverOur Whatsapp Mobile Gateway is highly reliable as we have used it in many markets around the world, South East Asia. Our solutions are tested and proven to be highly impactful and effective where we have the expertise both in the technical and marketing areas to help your business grow in tandem with the current market scenario.

We ensure that you enjoy only the best where we can assist you in selecting the appropriate target group, using the best technology available.

Utilising the best of mobile & cloud technology

  • Inbound & Outbound content delivery and systems, including subscription integration
  • Whatsapp campaigns which include competitions and promotion management
  • Custom Whatsapp CRM & API development
  • Two Way Transactional messaging, appointment reminders, offers and customer retention management

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