Cool Whatsapp Features you need to know

WhatsApp: Time For the Low Down

When it comes to instant messaging app, WhatsApp is, most definitely, the first thing to come to your mind. This is a popular app with over hundreds of people jumping on the bandwagon daily and it’s one of the most used apps. However, are you really reaping all that WhatsApp has to offer? If you want to know all there is to know about the app, read on and prepared to be blown away.

Have you been using Whatsapp for many years now and has only been sending out messages like how you do it in SMS? Do you know that there are some features that are very cool which you are not aware of?

Do more with Whatsapp than only messaging

Learn about the cooler features of Whatsapp

Whatsapp allows you to reach a large group of people simultaneously. But you surely would have already know that.
Here are something different:

Bold and Italize your texts

This was one of the latest additions to Whatsapp. You can now Bold, Italize and Strikethrough your text messages.
The following symbols can be used to beautify your Whatsapp text message.

  • Use the * sign. This will BOLD your text message. The * sign should be use before and after the message. For instance, if you want to bold the word PROMOTION. You should type *PROMOTION*. *Sample Whatsapp Bold Text*
  • _ will italize the text. This is how your Italized Whatsapp text looks like. Usage: _Italize Whatsapp Text_
  • ~ will strikethrough the text. This is how your Strikethrough Whatsapp text looks like. Usage: ~Strikethrough Whatsapp Text~

Be Different – Use a New Font

Although it isn’t worlds apart in differences, WhatsApp does come with one other font that can be used to highlight the crucial parts of your text. To access the new font, you only need to add three grave accents (`) to the front and the back of the text.

New Camera Functions

In a recent update, Whatsapp provide new features that will enhance your photos taken through this platform. You can now do a lot more than just taking pictures and sending them through Whatsapp.
In the past, after snapping a picture, you will then be allowed to type some text as caption. With the new feature, you can now:

  • Write on the photo or video
  • Add Emoji onto the image or video

Other features of Whatsapp

If you haven’t already know, you can even:

  • Clear Whatsapp Calls
  • Share documents on Whatsapp like Word, Excel and PDF Files

In-built front camera flash

Whatsapp camera now comes with a front-facing flash. This is perfect for taking selfies. It helps to brighten up your screen especially during low light or when you are taking pictures at night. When you slide your finger up or down to zoom in and out, you can now do so with videos too.

Cool tips for Whatsapp

One of the coolest thing you can do now is to double-tap on the screen and it will then switch between the front and rear cameras.

What the Heck Is End-to-end encryption on Whatsapp messages?

The latest WhatsApp update brought along an enhanced security feature called the End-to-End Encryption. If you’ve been wondering what this actually is, we have the answer for you. This feature will keep your texts safe and no third party apps can pry into your conversations – not even WhatsApp itself!

You might have noticed that Whatsapp recently added a remark in your chatrooms. Its end-to-end encryption is now available for messaging between you and your friends. What does this mean?

Most messaging apps will encrypt messages from you to their server and vice versa. What Whatsapp has done is to take it a step further by providing the encryption between you and the person you are communicating with.

This simply means that when you send a message to John, the special key needed to unlock the encryption is only available through John and no one else. That’s very safe. This simply means that you won’t ever need to worry about anyone sniffing your messages when you communicate.

Show Your Flair in Status and Messages

Many probably don’t know that WhatsApp supports plenty of ASCII characters. This not only allows you to send texts in different languages but it also gives you a way to send stylish texts or use it in your status. All you need to do is to create stylish text with an online generator tool and copy it into your text or status to use it.

Get a WhatsApp Chat Head

Chat heads are a great way to quickly reply a text without opening the app itself. You can get chat heads for your WhatsApp by installing Dashdow What App or Seebye Chat Heads. The former allows you to read a WhatsApp while the latter allows you to read as well as leave a reply.

Make WhatsApp Media Private

A little privacy is always a good thing and if you’re wondering how to automatically hide WhatsApp media from your Gallery, we have just the thing for you. iPhone users can do this by navigating to Settings>Privacy>Photos and turn the toggle off for WhatsApp access whereas Android users only need to rename the WhatsApp Images and WhatsApp Videos folder to .WhatsApp Images and .WhatsApp Videos.

Everyone Has a Favourite

If you want to know who do you chat the most with on WhatsApp, you can do this on an iPhone by going to Settings>Account>Storage Usage. This is where you can see a list of all the contacts you’ve chatted with and tapping on any one of them will reveal how many texts you have sent and received from the particular contact.

Keep Chatting with Your Favourites

Opening up WhatsApp every time you want to chat with someone can get pretty annoying. Thankfully, there’s a way around this and it’s as simple as adding a chat shortcut to your home screen. In WhatsApp chats, long press on your favourite contact to select it, press the three vertical dots and tap on Add Chat Shortcut to create the shortcut.

Never Lose Something Important Ever Again

WhatsApp’s bookmarking feature is a great way to keep track of all important details so you’ll never need to be scrolling endlessly just to look for that one little detail. Just long press on the particular chat bubble and tap the star button that’ll pop up on the header. You can access these via Starred Messages in WhatsApp’s menu.

How to Export WhatsApp Contacts to PC?

WhatsApp may not offer a way to export your contacts to upload into other address books but this can be done with the help of a bookmarklet. Follow the steps below:
1. Drag the WhatsApp bookmarklet to your toolbar on Google Chrome.
2. Launch and click on the bookmarklet when the website has loaded.
3. You can opt between having a CSV list of your WhatsApp contacts or generate a print-ready addressbook version of it.

Dropbox It for Longevity

Dropbox is an amazing tool that offers you adequate storage to keep your photos and files for a long time. You can set for your WhatsApp Images to be automatically downloaded and uploaded to your Dropbox by using the Autosync Dropbox – Dropsync app. Connect it to your Dropbox and create a WhatsApp folder with “Upload only rule” to upload only pictures. Then, set a sync update interval of 5 minutes so that every WhatsApp media will be saved securely.

Want to Keep Some WhatsApp Chats Hidden?

Hiding WhatsApp chats is really simple – just tap on the particular chat and hit Archive from the top-right corner of your screen. If you need to access it, just tap on Archive Chats located at the bottom of the WhatsApp app.

Share Your Chats via E-Mail!

If you need to share your entire chat with someone, the easiest way is to do it via e-mail. To do this, launch any WhatsApp chat and go to More>E-mail Chat to open the chat file in .txt file format and you can e-mail it to anyone you want.

Multitask Better with WhatsApp on Desktop

It gets pretty troublesome to keep picking up your smartphone just to reply a WhatsApp text when you’re working on your desktop. Now, you can get WhatsApp right on your desktop to make multitasking all that easier by navigating to and scanning the QR code on your device to connect to the web browser securely. To receive WhatsApp Notification on desktop, install Desktop Notifications on your smartphone as well as Chrome or Firefox browser extension. Connect with the provided code and dictate which notification to show on desktop.

Looking For A Way To Bring Down A WhatsApp Group?

There is a way to corrupt a WhatsApp Group – if you ever need it for whatever reason that may be. Launch the app in WhatsApp Web, open the particular group chat and flood it with 3,000 emoji at one go. This will make the WhatsApp of whoever who opens the group chat unresponsive and they will have no choice but to leave the group.

Get Your Spy Goggles Out

There are two ways you could spy on your friend’s WhatsApp for free. The first way requires you to access your friend’s WhatsApp and connecting it to WhatsApp Web on your laptop without them knowing and you’ll get to see all their texts and media. The second way also needs you to borrow your friend’s phone and get their MAC address by going to Settings>About phone>Status>Wi-Fi MAC Address. Change your device’s MAC address to that of your friend’s and install WhatsApp as well as verify it on their device. However, remember to leave no traces behind by quickly deleting all texts you have sent via their account.

Use WhatsApp to Send Practically Everything!

WhatsApp doesn’t allow sending files that are too large and only supports certain documents such as .doc, .docx, .xls, and etc. A workaround involves installing Dropbox and CloudSend App via Google Play Store. Then, launch CloudSend and allow it to like Dropbox. You can now share large files on CloudSend which will upload it to your Dropbox and provide a public link that can be shared on WhatsApp. Alternatively, you can send unsupported file format on WhatsApp by simply altering the file name with supported file type. For example, convert .apk file to .mp4.

Keep a Record of Your WhatsApp Calls

If you want to remember some details the other party tells you over a WhatsApp call, you could record the call by using Messenger Call Recorder. Just download the app and permit accessibility for it to automatically record your WhatsApp calls.

Call Got Rejected? Leave a Voice Message instead

There’s no need to be frustrated when your WhatsApp call gets rejected as you could always resort to dropping the person a voice note so that they can listen to it at a more convenient time for them.

Prying into WhatsApp Calls

If you are trying to catch a cheating partner or trying to ensure that your child is safe, there are ways you could listen in on their WhatsApp calls. One of the best way is to install FlexiSpy app, which supports up to 18 top instant messaging apps, where you can monitor all calls.

Tonnes more to explore with Whatsapp

There are also many other little features on WhatsApp that often go unnoticed.

You can know when and who have read your texts in a group chat by tapping on the text followed by the (i) button on the header.

If you want to hide your profile photo and status from unwanted people, just go to Settings>Account>Privacy to access the Photo and Status options where you can choose to show these details to everyone, your contact only or nobody.

By installing the free Android app Seebye Scheduler ROOT, you can schedule WhatsApp messages to be sent at specific time.

To mark a read message as unread, all you need to do is long press the chat on the main screen and tap on the three vertical dots followed by Mark as unread.

If you like keeping your WhatsApp clean, you can set an automatic delete option to clear all chat at 12am daily via SQLite installer for ROOT and Tasker app.

Nobody likes keeping junk; so, install Sliftr Magic app to automatically delete junk photos for you.

Are you curious if someone’s online but you don’t want to read the sent text? To go around this, click on the person’s WhatsApp display picture followed by the (i) button and this will show you their status without sending the blue tick.

Avoid jumping into conclusion that someone has blocked you by carrying out this simple test. Create a WhatsApp group and add that particular person in the group; if “Couldn’t add -Friend Name- “ pops up, you can be sure that you’ve been blocked.

To add a little more privacy, hide your last seen and blue tick by going to Settings>Account>Privacy and changing the Last Seen to Nobody and unchecking the Read Receipts box.

Get notified when a contact comes online by installing Whatsdog app in your Android device.

You can bypass the blue tick by tapping on the reply button your device’s notification bar to launch a small pop-up box where you can type and send your text.

WhatsApp sits high and mighty in its throne among all other instant messaging apps today – if you’re not one to follow in trends, you can opt to use other

WhatsApp alternatives such as Telegram and Google’s Allo.


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