Businesses that have succeeded with Mobile App Marketing


In Mobile App marketing, one of the most important factor that you must consider is in its effectiveness. Not every tool you use will deliver the type of results you expect. This means that you need to be mindful of where your campaign is heading and what you intend to achieve.

Perfect for Small and Medium Businesses

One of the most significant changes that Whatsapp has done over the years is in the SMEs or Small and Medium Enterprises. Because of its low-cost and effectiveness, Whatsapp has enabled SMEs to enjoy better marketing.

Why Whatsapp is helping businesses?

The most important factor here is that users are spending a lot of time on Whatsapp. Since that is the case, if you are a seller, it will work wonders for you because you get to reach large number of customers at any time. At last count, it has been reported that Whatsapp has almost a billion users. For any small or big businesses, imagine the reach you could potentially get.

What industries would Whatsapp be most beneficial?

The truth is, it does not matter whether you are a small or large company. If you are in Whatsapp marketing, doing it right will point you towards the right direction. Over the years, it has already been proven that the following industries have been changed tremendously by Whatsapp.

  • Apparels and Fashion – customers like to buy something that they can see. Use Whatsapp to reach them particularly during festive seasons and your sales will surely soar
  • Food and beverages – Because Whatsapp allows you to attach images easily and cheaply, this is one of the best platforms to tell your customers what is the menu of the day and any special promotions that your café is offering
  • Property and real estate – This is one of the fastest growing industries using Whatsapp for marketing. New property launches, upcoming commercial properties can be effectively communicated to your target market. This is because your users will appreciate the images of these properties while being in the know about the nitty-gritty details like loans, configurations and such.
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WhatsApp Call Centre Solution

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