Mobile App Bulk Software and Channels

Have you tried using Mobile App Bulk software platforms but failed? Are you frustrated about the fact that you have invested some form of money and time on bulk blasting tools only to discover that they are not what they seemed? So, the question really is, does this really work or are they just hoaxes?

Mobile App Bulk Marketing Software

The truth is, there are a lot of Mobile App Bulk platforms that are fake, especially those from India. When you use Mobile App Bulk software or platforms, you will naturally use sim or number channels. This is the most common ways to move ahead but whenever any Mobile App updates their system (which happens very frequently), it will block a lot of channels.

Mobile App Marketing Software providers

When this happens, the channels become wasted because the software providers do not update their software accordingly. We have been in this market for long enough to know and be aware of such instances. So, what should you be aware of? Here are some pointers:

  • Money transfer – When you buy from a software provider that requires you to pay via Western Union, DON’T!
  • Video Demos – Most Mobile App Bulk platform providers use Youtube or other video sharing sites to show you a demo. Do you notice that they are often blurred? This means that they are not to be trusted. Some even went to the extent of explaining that they are actually the real deal
  • Updates – Most of the Mobile App Marketing software creators do not really care about what you are buying because they know there is something fishy about their product. Hence, you will not get the updates accordingly.

Mobile App Marketing Online Panel

In most of these platforms, you are supposed to access it using a Mobile App Marketing Online Panel. This is very much like a Web-SMS program where you can carry out your messaging campaign online. This will usually allow you to import your address books or recipients’ numbers. From our thorough research, those online panels with IP address as URL and without logo are from India and only deliver at most 20% of your messages or none at all.

Mobile App Marketing Desktop Software

If you are provided with a desktop software, you will find more problems than solutions. They are not usable at all because they need to be updated constantly. In fact, these Mobile App Marketing software will stop functioning each time the Mobile App updates their system. If you find it difficult to contact the software provider the first time you purchase from them, it would be utterly impossible to reach them for any updates. So, if they are selling you a desktop software to manage your marketing campaign, THINK TWICE!

Beware of anonymous Mobile App Marketing providers

Most of the online or anonymous providers use a same channel for all their clients. If you are aware, it is actually not possible for a single channel to accommodate so many numbers. This means that these anonymous providers will only deliver to the most important numbers while the rest are ignored which explains why only 60% or less of your contacts will get the message. Not to mention risking your contacts with these anonymous providers.

What about Mobile App Marketing Channels and WART?

In Mobile App Marketing Channels, they are actually sim cards that are converted into fake users which are commonly adopted in Mobile app marketing or bulk messaging platforms. This is to ensure that messages sent out are linked to a sender number. These are the tips when buying channels:

  • Channel or sim cards can only be used once
  • Channels are very limited today where they are encoded or hashed which can only be used by a single person, usually the owner
  • Not every country uses Mobile App Marketing channels.
  • China channels cannot be used as most of the numbers are banned there.
  • Channels from Indonesia, Malaysia and Europe countries can only be used for several days or sometimes only hours. These countries are fast in  recycling their sim cards.
  • There are a lot of channel sellers in India and big percentage of them resell their channels
  • Channels in the US or UK are very expensive
  • Middle East Channels are cheap
  • If someone wants to sell you any channel through Facebook or Skype, DO NOT BE CONNED!!. 99% of these sellers are hoaxes.
  • Buying your sim cards to be used as channels is not cost-effective. Sim card resellers will get banned by telcos if majority of the numbers they sell get blocked fast or are not renewed for the second month.

So, what is the verdict?

Mobile App marketing or bulk software is never a DIY software based desktop marketing solution. A lot of buyers have been cheated in one way or another. is the only company which you should only look for and we have been in the market long enough to be established. Your delivery is guaranteed, don’t even settle for 99%!


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