Runup MS NS WX TS2 Enigma Hero MMORPG Games

Hero Runup online – Progress Enhancement Pack 199 Point(s)
1. Ultimate Blood Supplement Medicine (big) convertible cards*2
2. Ultimate Internal Forces Supplement Medicine(big) convertible cards * 2
3. Advances Dan * 30
4. Ultimate Sealed Book convertible card*30
5. Matchless Hero Dan * 5
6. Masterpiece Book Bag*10

Hero online – Crazy Runup Book Pack 199 Point(s)
1. Matchless Hero Dan * 24
2. Ultimate Sealed Book convertible card * 50
3. Crystal Ten-Star Stone Bag * 10

Hero online – Super Runup Elixir Pack 199 Point(s)
1. Five Properties Jindan convertible card * 2
2. Speed-add Medicine convertible card * 50
3. Compounded equipment properties talisman * 30
4. Ultimate Sealed Book convertible card * 10
5. Equipment Ten-Star Stone(blue) bag * 10

Hero Runup online – Ultimate Enhancement Pack 399 Point(s)
1. Ultimate Blood Scattered (big) Exchange Cards x 2
(Can be exchanged for blood tonic exchange cards)

2. Ultimate Back to the Bulk (big) Exchange Cards x 2
(Can be exchanged for Internal forces supplements tonic convertible card)

3. Rapid Dan x 30
(Experience points can be obtained and force points can be multiplied after using it)

4. Wishes Strengthen Reel x 10
(Enhance weapons, armor, crystals, or acquisition, failed items to be strengthened will not disappear after using it)

5. Nine Star Amethyst Jewels Bags x 10
(Have the opportunity to draw nine star amethyst stone)

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