* Important :
  • This section is use for the players of Fairyland online game to claim their free in-game cash
  • Each players can only claim the in-game cash for once using the provided KRYL code.
  • There are 2 different type of Fairyland code that can use to claim the free 50,000,000 or 25,000,000 in-game cash.
  • Please be noted that only 1 game point can be use together with the KRYL code for the 50,000,000 starter kit package.
  • Please choose the Cash Claiming Type according to the package that you have purchase(it is printed on the package the amount that you can claim).
  • Please be patient after players submit this form. We will only bank in the in-game cash into character’s dragon vault based on weekly basis

Please ensure all the information stated below is fill-in and correct and we will bank in the in-game cash to the players’ Dragon Vault as soon as possible. We will not responsible for any problems that occur due to the incorrect information submit by players.

INSTRUCTIONS for Fairyland gamer:

  • This claiming page are only for the use of RYL players who has already buy and top up their account after (dd/mm/yy) in order to claim the free Redemption Points. Players who do not have 3 or more month card top up after the mention date please do not proceed anymore.
  • Please read all the instructions carefully before proceeding to next page
    The next page will check the total number of month card automatically. This claiming process consists only 3 steps.
    Read instruction, select package type –> Check total month card in account, and enter user detail –> Claiming status (Complete)
  • If any or all of the valid monthly game points field are blank, it means that you do not have any unused month card for this claiming.
  • Players must select the correct SERVER NAME so that the item can be insert into correct server.
  • We will not be responsible if players enter wrong information which may cause the failure of inserting the items to the correct character in correct server.
  • Players who are found trying to cheat will face serious penalty.

Dear Fairyland Players,

Great news again to all member of RYL! We are introducing a buddy system for all RYL players. With this Buddy System, players can gain bonus points when they introduce RYL to their friends. These bonus points are categorize into Redemption Point , Referral Point and Resource Point . Below are the detail explanation on how this system works.

WHAT is Referral Point and HOW to get it:
Introduce Fairyland to your friend. once your friend top up their account, there is a section where he/she can key in your referral ID. the point are dependent on how much they top-up .The calculations are as below:

  • Player A introduce player B to RYL

  • Player B will need to fill in the player A’s RYL referral ID (eg RYL012345-0) into the referral field during registration at RYL registration site and complete the registration

  • eg Player B top-up month card (400 points)

  • Player A will get 400 referral point where player B will get 400/5 = 80 redemption point, the points will therefore be sum into the resource point accordingly. ( refer example for clear view )

WHAT is Fairyland Redemption point and HOW to get it:

You can get redemption point every time you top-up your account. The calculation are as below:

  • eg Redemption point = 400(monthly card) / 5
    = 80 points

  • eg Redemption point = 150(daily card) / 5
    = 30 points

WHAT is Resource Point and HOW to get it:

Resource Point is the total of Referral Point + Redemption Point

For Player A
Referral point = 400
Redemption point = 0
Resource point = 400

For Player B
Referral point = 0
Redemption point = 80
Resource point = 80

All RYL package will have different point given. Please take note the example below:

Starter Pack = 50 Points

Value Pack = 400 Points

Both referer and new player will get full point upon the usage of the RYL package ( Starter Pack, Value Pack)

Note that the Redemption point that you have = ( all the top up points you have top up from the first day RYL launch P2P until current day [RYL2]) / 5
PS: To remind that Player A only can gain 10 times referral points or resource points from each Referral ID .

All information are subjected to change without prior notice

Dear players,

Good news to all RYL members We have launched the RYL Buddy System for all RYL players Whenever players refer RYL to their friends, they can add bonus points in this friend referral system These bonus points will be divided into Redemption Points, Referral Points and Resource Points . Below is a detailed explanation of how the system works.

What is a mention point and how to get it? :

Introduce RYL to your friends, once your friend has topped up his account, he she can fill in your Referral ID , and then those points can be added to the Referral Points in your account Inside, those calculus formulas are as follows :

Player A introduces RYL to Player B

Player B will need to fill in your Mention ID (RYL012345-0) at the Mentioner ID when Player B registers at the RYL registration site and during registration

Example: Player B account bonus (400 points )

Player A ‘s Referral Point will get 400/5 = 80 Redemption Points , and those points will be the sum of the added Resource Points accordingly ( please refer to the example below )

What is a redemption point and how to get it? :

You can get those Redemption Points every time you top up your account , and those are calculated as follows :

For example: redemption point = 400 ( premium monthly card )/5              = 80 points

For example: redemption point = 150 ( premium day card )/5              = 30 points

What is a resource point and how to get it? :
Resource points are made up of mention points + redemption points.

As for player A
mentioning points = 400 redemption points = 0 resource points = 400


As for player B
mentioning points = 0 redemption points = 80 resource points = 80


Note , your redemption point = ( from the first day of RYL P2P until today [RYL2])/5
All information is subject to change without prior notice
Note: Player A can only ?Take 10 referral points or resource points.

The company reserves the right to update all information without notice.

  Buddy System Reward List :
Attention: All rewards are available for both Hades and Zeus now. This will take effect
Package Recourse Points Reward
Pack 9 100 Resource Points 80 X Sr. Mitchell Stone
Pack 10 300 Resource Points 60 X Sr. Mitchell Stone
60 X Yiterni Stone
Pack 11 500 Resource Points 200 X Yiterni Stone
20 X Beryl
20 X Diamond
20 X Ruby
20 X Sapphire
20 X Black Moon
Pack 12 1000 Resource Points 50 X Beryl
50 X Diamond
50 X Ruby
50 X Sapphire
50 X Black Moon
100 X Sr. Mitchell Stone
400 X Yiterni Stone
Pack 14 12000 Resource Points 1 X Ancient Gallet (Reduce Stone)
Pack 15 1000 Resource Points 50 X Sr. Mitchell Stone
1 X 80 Million In Game Coins
300 X Spens
100 X Yiterni Stone
Pack 17 100 Resource Points 10 X Tears Of Blacksmith
1 X 3 Million
Pack 18 500 Resource Points 1 X 15 Million
50 X Tears Of Blacksmith
Pack 19 1000 Resource Points 100 X Tears Of Blacksmith
1 X 30 Million
Pack 20 1500 Resource Points 1 X 50 Million
150 X Tears Of Blacksmith
Pack 21 1000 Resource Points 500 X Attack Portion (G)
Pack 22 1000 Resource Points 500 X Defend Portion (G)
Pack 23 1000 Resource Points 500 X HP Recovery Portion (G)
Pack 24 1000 Resource Points 250 X MP Recovery Portion (G)
250 X Dispell Portion (G)
Pack 25 1000 Resource Points 900 X Sr. Mitchell Stone
Pack 26 1000 Resource Points 1200 X Spens
Pack 27 1000 Resource Points 600 X Yiterni Stone
No. Product Price Reward Point
1 (Online Purchase)KRYL pack + Value Pack without merchandize

• 2 x 150 Starter points

• 50 Millions In-game gold

• 1 x One Month starter point


RM 32 400 + 50 = 450
2 KRYL• – 2 x 150 Starter points

• 50 Millions In-game gold

• 20 x Yiterni Stones

• 200 x Spen Stones


RM 16 50
3 3 month online purchase reload card 240 + 300 = 540
4 6 month online purchase reload card 480 + 600 = 1080
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