Utilizing SMS for your Business

sms for business


The use of SMS  is an attractive option for any business mainly because it is an affordable method which is both impactful and effective. SMS is the most commonly used communication tool in most businesses today where brand owners can reach their target market better and faster through a medium which is not intrusive and yet captivating.

Mobile and smartphones have become an important part of everyday life where consumers are communicating through SMS countless times per day. Hence, it will be most suitable for your business to use this technology to reach your customers where you can use it for notification of promotions and other related information.

Sending SMSes to your customers is very beneficial because you can send many messages out in a short time at low cost.

Sports and fitness clubs

If you operate a gymnasium or a fitness facility, you can use bulk SMS to send reminder to your members on upcoming events, training sessions, new programmes or new equipment. Sending SMS is very fast which makes it a good method to inform your members of any cancellations or changes in the programmes where they will be sure to receive it.

Community Clubs and Societies

If you manage a community club or a society, SMS can be used to keep your members in the loop and updated about events, upcoming activities as well as reminders on any meetings, gatherings and such.

Retail Businesses

SMS is perhaps most ideally used in the retail sector because you will be able to keep your marketing list updated at all times especially in terms of new product launches and any promotional activities. If you own a book store, you can notify your customers on new books and publications while keeping them informed about any sale events. On top of that, you can use SMS to inform your customers about any products that they have reserved which has arrived.

Education Business

Institutes of higher learning and schools can use SMS to keep students informed about upcoming events and notifications. This includes any last minute changes, class replacements, deadlines and events.

Medical Industry

In the medical field, SMS is used to send reminders on appointments as well as on any upcoming events like blood donations, health checks and talks and seminars.

Property and Real Estate

Property developers and agents can use SMS to send notifications about upcoming launches and new developments. Property agents can send SMS notifications and information on the locations of the new property to their list or approach any database selling companies in Malaysia while those in maintenance can send reminders for rental and other fees.

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