Improving Your CRM With WhatsApp Business


With WhatsApp Business, the playing field has grown like never before. WhatsApp Business has changed how you can operate especially in terms of customer engagement and direct marketing.

Better and more efficient CRM

When it comes to Customer Relationship Management (CRM), nothing beats connecting personally with your customers. WhatsApp Business does just that, allowing you to converse and connect directly through a universally comfortable platform.

The question now is, what can you do for better CRM?

Be found or go find

To connect to your customers, you need to be on the same platform. This means you need to tell your customers you are on WhatsApp and you need to find them on WhatsApp as well. A registered WhatsApp user will appear on your contact list.

Hence, you need to advertise your company’s number or name with a WhatsApp logo. Then, your customers will look for you. It is mandatory that your customer initiates first for any conversation to take place.

After that, you must be ready to reply to any inquiries that come in. You must attend to them immediately either through an auto-reply function or a live sales team.

Be there 24/7

It might not be possible to have a person to attend to queries 24/7. Hence, you can make use of WhatsApp Business’ automated messaging functions. If you have a large pool of customers, you could integrate a Chatbot.

Ideal for SMEs

If you are operating a small or medium business, then the automated reply function from WhatsApp Business is perfect. This is because it can fully function to provide standard replies (in times when your business is not open).

However, if your operation is larger than that, then you might want to incorporate external or third-party programs.

Compatible with other CRM software

WhatsApp Business might solve a lot of your CRM issues but it might not replace your current ones. If you are running known CRM tools like Salesforce or Hubspot, you can integrate WhatsApp Business for better delivery of service.


You will need to obtain the official WhatsApp Business API through a WhatsApp Partner and you can do so after your application is approved.


MobileblasterHub is the only software you need for this purpose. MobileblasterHub has all the features for you to conduct your daily sales and communications together with contacts management. Livechat with us to know more about MobileBlasterHub.

Own the future with WhatsApp Business

Most people look at WhatsApp as not only a communication channel but a totally new revolution. The thing is, if you have been impressed with the inroads that WhatsApp has done in human communication, WhatsApp Business makes it a lot sweeter if you run a company. This the very reason why messaging apps are being used and adopted in marketing strategies and sales plans because it is almost a sure-win. In fact, messaging apps like WhatsApp have one of the highest engagement rates in the history of direct marketing. If you are a business or brand owner, you CANNOT afford to not get involved in WhatsApp Business. It is after all, as easy as how you use WhatsApp for personal messaging.

WhatsApp Business – Changing Business Communication Forever

The way WhatsApp Business work is very straightforward. If you are a WhatsApp user, the Business platform is not any different. In fact, you will notice that the interface is actually the same as the Personal version. The Business platform is designed for firms like yours with some additional features. In fact, WhatsApp Business helps you to organize and manage your communication better.

Your Business page on WhatsApp

In WhatsApp Business, you will be able to create and customize a profile that reflects your business. By having your own public profile, people will be able to view crucial information that might be of use to them. This is where they can view information like:

  • Name of your business
  • Company address
  • The telephone number and other contact details
  • URL or social media information
  • any other related information

How you can better organize your chats

There is a very effective method that you can use in WhatsApp Business to manage your chats or conversations more efficiently. This is where you can label the conversations according to their purposes. For instance, you can label your conversations based on information like:

  1. New Leads
  2. Current customers
  3. Repeat purchase customers
  4. Potential conversion

Take note that like the Personal version of WhatsApp, the Business version gives you maximum security where you can block certain addresses through its encryption system.

You must EDUCATE your customers to use WhatsApp

Although the number of WhatsApp users have hit 1.5 billion, there are still billions out there who have yet to download this app. This is made a lot more challenging by the fact that there are other competitors messaging apps like WeChat and Line which have their own market segments. As such, it is extremely important that you educate your users about the importance of using WhatsApp Business in order to connect with you. Only when they are in the same platform can you seamlessly connect with them for holistic customer experience.

Facebook and WhatsApp Business – The Perfect Recipe for Communication

Everyone knows how powerful Facebook is as a social network. Everyone also knows that Facebook owns WhatsApp. When you put 2 of the largest connected networks in the world together, you basically have all the answers to any issues on direct marketing. Through Facebook, you can make us of the ‘send WhatsApp message’ which will connect you directly between the 2 platforms. Your customers can be driven from here towards the WhatsApp platform.

No intrusion and only consented marketing efforts

One of the biggest challenges in digital marketing today is to stay out of being intrusive. There is a very gray area when it comes to this but with WhatsApp Business, you will have no qualms about reaching your customers (and potential ones). You will only be able to connect with them after they have given their consent and agreed to be reached which means there will never any issue of cold messaging. As such, you will not be in breach of any privacy issues.

Share – The Keyword in Digital Marketing

If you are familiar with Instagram stories or Snapchat Stories, then this might interest you. WhatsApp Business gives you the option to share your status and any other information you want to offer. Through an effort like this, you can start sharing sneak previews, pre-launches or just about any other information that can create a buzz with your community of users.

You still need a workable plan and strategy

With all the power tools offered by WhatsApp Business, it is still not your answer to all your digital marketing needs. You cannot to afford to just sit back and relax because it does not work that way. In fact, you will still need to plan and put in place a workable strategy. For instance, you must know that WhatsApp Business (like the personal version) is a one-number for a business tool which means it must be handled and managed by a single person. That person cannot be online 24 hours a day but you do not want to lose your customer when they are trying to connect with you either. Hence, there must be some form of plan or schedule that tells your customers when you will be online and that would be those who are your actual customers.

Planning your customer service

Customer service must be a priority in any business. WhatsApp Business is the tool that can help you bridge your customers better and more effectively but there is a risk. The auto-reply function will send the same message to your customers and that makes them feel like you use an automated reply template. Another issue is on the response rate to you customers. As they are texting you on WhatsApp Business, they expect to be attended to as soon as possible. Since WhatsApp Business is a single-account per business platform, you will have to dedicate a person to attend to these inquiries in the soonest time possible. What happens if there is a situation where you are receiving a lot of inquiries? If you fail to answer them quickly, you risk losing your customer as they will feel neglected.

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