1 and 2 way SMS

Using SMS (Short Messaging Service) for businesses is a proven method that can facilitate better communication and bridging the gap between the firm and the customers. There are 2 main methods when it comes to SMS known as 1 and 2 Way SMS, both of which are designed for specific purposes.

1 Way SMS is as the name implies a single direction communication method. This is where as the business owner, you design the SMS and then select the recipients to be sent to. This type of SMS would be most suitable to send information and notification to your customers without the need of any response.

Meanwhile, the 2 Way SMS is a lot more interactive and engaging. The main objective of 2 Way SMS is to allow your customers to response to certain information. This can be an invitation to a product launch, an event or a roadshow. In most cases, customers will be asked to response in short answers like Yes or No or to rate a certain service. The SMS sent out will show the telephone number or the name of the sender while the receiver will response by pressing the ‘Reply’ button, much like the way they reply a standard SMS.