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Malaysia and Indonesia Gateway(Sender’s number is random mobile number, 3 way SMS):
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please send your username to 012-2266260 once you have registered)

International Gateway(5 Digit Shortcode, starts with 0.00)
Username: advertisingdemo, Password: 12345

Malaysia Bulk SMS Expert

We offer bulk SMS services where you can now communicate with a large group of customers in a short time. Our bulk SMS messaging software gives you more efficiency in that you can now easily type in your SMS and then send the message out to multiple numbers instantly.

Through this technology, you can now easily contact your employees or business partners without being concerned if the message is sent. Whether it is an event, latest updates or a meeting appointment, large groups of recipient will receive your message the minute you sent it out.

Apart from that, bulk SMS or SMS blast is a very popular method used in marketing. You can now choose a certain demographic group in your customer base and send advertisements, promotions or brand awareness campaigns. This could include announcement of new products or services, location-based promotions as well as any other marketing efforts to better reach your current and potential customers.

The Leader in SMS Marketing

We have been involved in the use of SMS technology for marketing for many years. As experts in this segment, we have cultivated years of experience in fully utilizing SMS for marketing and using its power to reach customers more effectively.

Through our wide coverage of networks, we can now offer your business the room to grow and improve as we provide international SMS service that covers more than 700 mobile operators around the world. if you are planning to launch an SMS-based marketing campaign and would like to reach customers in a larger geographical area covering other countries outside Malaysia, we are more than equipped to help you on this.
Our Bulk SMS service is highly reliable as we have used it in many markets around the world. This solution is tested and proven to be highly impactful and effective where we have the expertise both in the technical and marketing areas to help your business grow in tandem with the current market scenario.

We ensure that you enjoy only the best where we can assist you in selecting the appropriate target group and using the best SMS configurations while matching you to the suitable telecommunication (telco) company of a particular market.

SystemLocal GatewayInternational Gateway
2- way SMSYes, using match back method. The replied SMS will store into your SMS Inbox.1-way sms, (Auto-reply setting. 300 credits/mth)
3- way SMSContinuous conversation. Same sender ID throughout conversation.
Sender ID
Random mobile number (eg: 017- xxx, 012-xxx, 016 -xxx & etc) receiver are able to reply to the mobile numberDirect/ Shortcode: 63660/62622 International – depends on the overseas network
AreaWithin MalaysiaMalaysia & Overseas
Message160 characters
153 characters(starting with RM0.00)
Delivery ReportBased on delivery to Mobile PhoneBased on submission to Maxis SMSC
Max numbers/delivery per minutes
System Operation Hour24 x 7
24 x 7
Standard SMS rate
0.06(or lower) cents per sms
9 per sms
Reseller SMS rate
0.05 cents/sms based on volume
9 cents/sms

Our Gateway Features

  1. 100% delivery(Our system is 15 years old!) is the first and leading SMS marketing provider. You will be wasting a lot of time verifying smses sent from unreliable system.

  1. SMS Delivery report.

Delivery report to inform you about the status of the SMS whether it was successfully sent, failed, pending or others.

  1. Send Personalized SMS

Personalized SMS is an ideal option if you wish to create your own SMS message using the same fields. This is most ideally used for SMS which are sent as reminders for overdue payment, deadlines and others.

  1. Multilanguage SMS (Chinese text, Arabic …)

Your SMS can be written in multi-languages. This includes the common English alphabets while you can choose to write them in Chinese or Arabic characters as well to reach more customers in other languages.

  1. Send Long SMS (SMS that more than 160 characters)

You can now send Long SMS in which you are no longer limited to the 160 characters per-SMS as used on mobile phones.

  1. Send MMS (Same rate as Send 1 SMS)

Send richer content messages to your customers by using MMS. All you need to do is to upload the message from your computer and you can send to multiple recipients straightaway.

  1. Send Business Card

You can now send your personalized Business Card to more than 1 recipient at any time.

  1. Send Flash SMS / Blinking SMS

Enjoy more content-rich options by sending Flash SMS or Blinking SMS which are more captivating and engaging.

  1. SMS Reminder / Scheduler

Set a time and date in the future to send the message to your customers. You can set the time and date to your convenience or decide on a periodic schedule.

  1. Personal Phone book

Customized and personalize your own Phone book. Create your own groups like ‘My Clients’, ‘My Friends’ or any other names of your choice for better management of your messages.

  1. SMS Status Report and Campaign Report

Check the statistics of your campaigns and SMS activities through this option which allows you to gauge the effectiveness of your campaign.

  1. Mobile Number Grabber

Use the option to ‘grab’ mobile phone numbers from your potential customers when they send an enquiry message to you.

  1. 2D Barcode SMS Deliver Mobile Voucher (mVoucher) / Mobile Ticket (mTicket)

Mobile Voucher (mVoucher) and Mobile Ticket (mTicket) options can be used to engage more promotions with your customers.

  1. 3-Ways SMS (Auto reply + Biz Card + SMS to Person in charge)

The 3-Way SMS can be used to engage your customers better. Determine a reserve word and when a sender sends the Reserve word to your number, they will receive an instant auto-reply and their message will be directed to the person in charge accordingly.

  1. Text2Speech – Convert text to voice, and send MMS to recipient

This option offers convenience where you can convert text to a voice file and subsequently attaching it into an MMS to be sent to your intended recipients.